Did Tom Brady End his Retirement Because he Likely had Bruce Arians Fired?

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Okay folks. There must be something fishy in the Tampa Bay water. It’s incredible that superstar quarterback Tom Brady’s retirement lasted for only 40 days. It’s even more mind-boggling that 17 days after, head coach Bruce Arians left with hardly any remorse from the player who just ended his brief exit from the game.

Miami Dolphins’ deal falls through

Brady was about to become a minority owner of the Miami Dolphins. He was negotiating a plan to join the front office. This role would have been similar to Derek Jeter’s role as the minority owner of the Miami Marlins, according to Ben Volin from The Boston Globe.

The alliance would have made a great deal of sense, since the signal caller has had a lengthy relationship with Dolphins owner, Stephen Ross. Ross was a major donor to Brady’s alma mater, the University of Michigan.

Unfortunately, the considerable plans came to an end when Brian Flores filed a lawsuit the day Brady proclaimed his retirement. The lawsuit exposed NFL teams, such as the New York Giants, the Denver Broncos, and the Dolphins for, “racism in hiring.” During that period of time, the Dolphins were preparing to hire Sean Payton as head coach which would have stirred the pot even more. Both men share the same manager and Payton had just stepped down as the New Orleans Saints Head Coach.

Since the plan did not proceed, Brady came back to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers prior to free agency. Reports then concluded that Bruce Arians was taken back by it, so he announced that he would not return as the head coach of the team.

What really happened ???

Inside the Boston Media, there is a case of Brady’s weariness spreading rapidly. It’s shaped by their perception that Brady arranged the “Code Red”. Two columnists from the Boston Globe are giving Brady the business on whether Brady took an “it’s not personal, strictly business” approach to his now-previous head coach.

Dan Shaughnessy questioned why so many people still support Brady by quoting this: “Why do so many folks cover for Tom? Watching the obtuse ESPN gang ignore Tom’s fingerprints on Arian’s cold body (I think I saw an Arian’s chalk outline on the pavement outside Raymond James Stadium) made my head explode.”

Previous Patriots G.M. Upton Bell shared his thoughts on the TB-BA drama with Shaughnessy. “This whole Arians thing was Tom Brady-orchestrated,” Bell said. “I don’t particularly like it, but he’s running the show. (Don) Shula and (Tom) Landry and those guys used to tell me, ‘A player is just a player, but I’m the coach.’ No more.”

Ben Volin echoed, “No more making excuses for Brady in Boston.” He added that Brady, “in recent years has become more assertive about controlling his career after years of subservience to the Patriots.” Volin then said, “It seems pretty clear to me that Brady either explicitly told the Glazers that he couldn’t play for Arians anymore, or the Glazers took the hint. Either way, Brady won.”

To me, Brady has definitely had more say and power for the Tampa Bay Bucs. He is a phenomenal quarterback who will go down as the G.O.A.T. The only beef I had with him was that he was such a good quarterback and he would always defeat my team, the Buffalo Bills. This situation though is peculiar in that Brady and Arians were Super Bowl Champions in their first year together, and he already won 6 SuperBowls with the Patriots.

Then this past year, Brady and the Bucs lose in his, “final game in the NFL?” To add more to the mix, Brady decides to retire for 40 days, after failing to purchase the Miami Dolphins, and has Sean Payton picked out as their head coach?

He ends his retirement 17 days later, and then Arians doesn’t want to coach Brady’s Bucs anymore. This to me definitely sounds like Brady’s running the Bucs operation here. What do you think?

I think he’s sneaky and better at doing this himself, but only maybe 2nd to LeBron James. What a crybaby he is, but that’s a story for another day…


5 thoughts on “Did Tom Brady End his Retirement Because he Likely had Bruce Arians Fired?

  1. While Tom is likely the GOAT quarterback, he has an unlikable quality that cannot be shaken.

    1. Personally, I can’t stand Tom Brady’s childish ways like when he through down an expensive tablet and broke it just like a spoiled child would do!! Really nice for kids who look up to him to see! Another great article, Jamie.

  2. Awesome introspective…great article and thoughtful provocations arise as a result. “Where there’s (often) smoke, (most often) there’s fire. Good read!! 🏈 🧐

  3. Nice controversial article! There’s always some drama surrounding Brady and the Bucs. I wouldn’t doubt that Brady returning was linked with pushing Arians out.

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