The Loss of Devin Booker could be the end of the Suns.

Devin Booker suffered a Grade 1 hamstring strain in Game 2 of the Phoenix Suns’ series against the New Orleans Pelicans on Tuesday and will miss the next two to three weeks, according to ESPN. With Devin Booker being injured I don’t believe the Suns will be able to win the series. 

Photo by Leaf8613, CC-SA 4.0

There’s not another guy on the team that can make it happen with Chris Paul Devin Booker can make it happen on his own. Booker is the most explosive player on the team if not the best player on the team Booker being injured is no good for the team right now.

If Phoenix is able to win against the Pelicans it won’t be a fast series and it will be lots of hardball being played. If the Suns move on to playing the Mavericks it will not be an easy game, although the team can certainly win. In order to win the West, the team will need a healthy Devin Booker regardless of what’s going on outside the team. 


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