Could Jordan Davis have a Micah Parsons like year.

Is it a hot take to say Jordan Davis could be the 2nd straight player to fall to double digit pick in the first round who tested like a unicorn? Many experts said coming away from the combine last year that you do not see linebackers move like Micah Parsons. His biggest downfall to his draft stock was sitting out the prior season when Covid broke out. The cowboys got a steal at 12 when Micah landed on their lap even after trading out of the top 10. Parsons as you all know went on to win Defensive Rookie and runner up for Defensive Player of the year.

Jordan Davis left scouts and coaches walking away from the combine asking how does someone built like that move like that. Including running a 4.78 40 at 341 pounds which quickly got the Unicorn chatter before most defensive lineman attempted their first 40 yard dash. Davis downfall to draft stock is the Nose Tackle positions draft value. Could be his reason to still be there at 10 and possibly lower then Micah went. I just think this guy is an absolute game wrecker and could destroy opposing run games. He is without a doubt my favorite to win Defensive Rookie of the year.

My biggest question for GMs looking to draft a center does him landing in your division scare you away from drafting Tyler Linderbaum who is undersized. For instance, the Bengals have showed interest in Tyler but if Baltimore or Pittsburgh land him does that scare them away from an undersized player who would have to win with his athletic ability. You would ultimately see this matchup twice a year and I do not see that being a game plan you would be able sleep comfortably with at night. The draft is a day away and it’s time to see the chess pieces in play. I personally think Jordan Davis is a top 5 player and his athletic ability should not be overlooked lightly.

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