The QB Draft Hate is Unreal.

It is to no secret the NFL and draft analyst are not high on this draft class. I think its mind blowing seeing as the best QB to ever play the game was a 6th round pick. The reward on hitting on a QB should out way the risk especially if you are in Quarterback needy team. Just look at how Joe Burrow has completely changed the atmosphere and projection of the Bengals franchise. I get not being completely in love with one QB but to ignore the issue and risk the chance of losing your favorite should mean something to a franchise needing an upgrade at the position.

Leadership I think is a hugely undervalued asset not being took into consideration with this year’s draft class. Like mentioned before Joe Burrows impact has been on an organization but imagine what a stronger leader could do to a team locker room like the Lions. I actually like Dan Campbell and think he is a very strong leader in his own way, seeing the Lions numerous times claw back into games or pushing teams to the end. To stay with the Lions, I think it would be absolutely absurd for them to think of going anywhere else but QB at 32 with the perfect opportunity to not having to be completely done with Goff this season. On top of it all, Desmond Ridder almost makes too much sense here especially with having a high chance to still get who you like at pick 32 still available at 34. Plus, the high possibility that you could have pair him with former teammate Alec Pierce who put on a show at the combine. Can’t ask for much of a smoother Transition.

As far as the other Quarterbacks are concerned, I can’t see why more NFL teams aren’t looking at the upside these guys can bring to your franchise especially if you’re striking out at QB. Matt Corral just two seasons ago put up 365 yards and 2 touchdowns in a shootout with that seasons National Champions Alabama. Kenny Picket and Malik Willis put together a season that showcased their unique skill sets. I just can’t imagine a team who needs improvement at the most important position can just walk away not taking that one of these guys could be their future. Even more recently than Tom Brady’s draft Patrick Mahomes was not even viewed as the best QB in his draft and was the 2nd off the board at pick 10 to the Kansas City Chiefs and the rest is history. The reward definitely outweighs the risk when it comes to the position.

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