Would a Major League Baseball Team Work in Las Vegas?

Are you kidding me, where else would you want to go? Now is the time to move to Las Vegas!

Already having the Las Vegas Raiders’ Football team and Vegas Golden Knights’ Hockey team here, moving the baseball’s Oakland’s Athletics from Oakland to Las Vegas has to be one of the smartest ideas I’ve ever heard of.

Once banned from any sports teams, Las Vegas has become the “Capital of Sports.” A place that was once forbidden from any professional sports teams due to gambling restrictions, has now turned into a suitable place that hosts such events as the NFL Draft , NHL All Star Game, AHL All Star Game, Formula 1 Racing, WNBA, UFC, NASCAR, MilB, and USL.

Current Sports

Las Vegas’ three hottest sporting events are; the National Football League’s Las Vegas Raiders, National Hockey Leagues Vegas Golden Knights, and the UFC’s Men’s (Mixed Martial Arts).

Vegas Golden Knights

The Las Vegas Golden Knights participate in 41 home games a year at T-Mobile Arena, which is right on the Vegas Strip, a short walking distance from Caesars, MGM, and many popular hotels. Every game drives attendance by people to the local restaurants, casinos, live shows and bars, assisting to the party like celebration in Las Vegas.

In their first season of becoming a team (2017-2018), the Golden Knights lost the Stanley Cup to the Washington Capitals in five games. In lieu of the loss, the club won 13 postseason games that season, smashing the record for most wins by an expansion team in their first showing.

The Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders do not play as many home games as the Vegas Golden Knights do. They only play eight. That would give each one a travel opportunity not only for Raiders’ enthusiasts, but for Raiders fans traveling from California and also ones who cheer for the opposing teams.

In 2021, The Las Vegas Raiders made the Wild Card Playoffs. Unfortunately, they lost to the Cincinnati Bengals by a score of 26-19 at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio. They made the playoffs after only moving from Oakland the previous year.

So, I am hoping that if the Oakland Athletics’ organization does decide to move the Oakland A’s to Las Vegas, they too can win their first season and make the play-offs, or even the World Series!

What Vegas Has to Offer

Las Vegas boasts a never-ending need to fill up hotel rooms and casino operators Caesars, MGM, and others house gaming floor and restaurants for needed customers. Those hotel rooms all also filled up and utilized by pro-sports teams and they bring people to casinos. Don’t forget the restaurants too has people need to fill up their stomachs by eating lots of delicious food.

A baseball team does not create the spectacles that NFL games create. But the A’s would play their 81 total home games in a proposed stadium for on or near the strip. It would seat around 30,000 people, which is much smaller for MLB stadiums.

Still, the tickets would draw a huge interest and seat people on vacation who love baseball and want to attend an A’s games. That would drive up revenue for the city’s casinos as well. And don’t forget sports betting with Caesar’s Sportsbook.

What Other Things to Do in Las Vegas

While taking in a baseball game, there are plenty of other things to do and see while visiting Vegas. Here are a few ideas, if you choose to make a weekend out of it:

High Roller @ The LINQ

It is a 30-minute revolution in an air-conditioned compartment over 550 feet tall. It overlooks the Las Vegas skyline and gives you an option to purchase an in-pad bartender for drinks.

Cirque du Solei

They deliver an over-the-top eclectic mix of dramatic circus acts, that feature street performances and acrobatic dexterity and deliver dramatic world class entertainment. They like to show off their gravity-defying stunts and create illusions which will make it feel as if you are in an alternate universe.

Carrie Underwood – Residency (The Theatre at Resorts World)

Country mega-star Carrie Underwood begins her first Las Vegas residency at the new theatre inside Resorts World. Her appearances go together with the National Finals Rodeo, making it an exciting time for country fans to visit the Strip. The American Idol winner will no question play hits like “Jesus Take the Wheel” and “Before He Cheats”.

And of course the many casinos on and off the Vegas strip. They don’t call it Sin City for nothing!

Designed Sites

With Oakland setting its site on building the Oakland A’s a new stadium, the team has turned its direction to Las Vegas. Now, the team has clearly moved its focus to the Las Vegas Strip area.

On April 26, 2022, Oakland A’s President Dave Kaval said the team was looking at two locations. There was one where it would develop by itself and another it would be built with a large casino chain, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

“It’s kind of coming down to one that’s more of a joint-venture partnership and one that’s more of us going in alone, like the Raider’s approach,” Kaval told the Review-Journal.

“We’re trying to balance the pros and cons of those and get to something that could be announced. But we want to be thoughtful because there’s a lot of complicated negotiations with anything like this and we want to make sure we respect the time, intentions, and negotiating with all the parties.”

So sports fan, now’s the perfect time for a baseball team like the Oakland A’s to move out of Oakland, California, and relocate to basically the new “Capital of Sports” in Las Vegas, Nevada. What do you think?

With the success of the Vegas Golden Knights and the Las Vegas Raiders, Las Vegas has become a designation for more major league sports teams.

I’d like to see the Oakland A’s move here sooner rather than later!


10 thoughts on “Would a Major League Baseball Team Work in Las Vegas?

  1. That’s a tough break for the already depressed Oakland though but I guess sf is close enough and California has their heads so far you their butt anyways they’ll probably lose all their teams at some point. I never knew about the gambling restriction! When did that get lifted or what changed?

  2. I think Vegas would be a great destination for an expansion team. If the Raiders and hosting of the NFL draft have taught us anything it’s that Vegas is an untapped resource for professional sports!

  3. It only makes sense. CA has enough teams. They can afford to give up a baseball team…

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