One move Roger Goodell could make to put the NFL’s money where its mouth is. 

The NFL has turned into a 24/7 addiction to sports fans and within the past few years (even with covid) have found a way to capture its spot at the top of the sports media world. We have seen other leagues at this same time take massive hits to its number of viewers, but the NFL found a way by adding one game to the schedule and, an extra playoff team to both conferences. Just two weeks into the 22 free agency period we have seen massive contracts being handed out, blockbuster trades that have changed the landscape of the NFL. Even after all this headline news the league’s biggest stories have been centered around several court rooms in Texas. 

Deshaun Watson has without a doubt put the league at the forefront of controversy. With his 22 accusers standing strong through several trials just to walk out, and within minutes the results are blasted on national television to all their loved ones. Overall, it is never a good look when you have millions of people waiting for someone else to receive more than likely the worse news, they have had to receive in one’s life. With confirmation of his new home things found a way to get even more uncomfortable following a press conference by the browns. How uncomfortable you may ask? The Washington Post’s Candace Buckner released an article Saturday morning “The Browns are so comfortable with Deshaun Watson it can make you queasy” outline how cringy the presser really was. Even calling him on his sorry attempt to use woman in his life as a human shield. With hope for these women to get their justice in court seem to be fading by the day there is still one man who could find some way to shed some justice for these women.  

Roger Goodell the commish, the myth, and the last line of justice 

Now if you are not familiar with Mr. Goodell’s work he is often notorious for handing out suspension to players who have not been charged in a court of law. Including 2017 where cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott was suspended 6-games for violating the league’s personal conduct policy after not being charged by law enforcement. The browns of all people should be aware of Roger Goodell’s wrath since current running back Kareem Hunt served an 8-game suspension for a dispute with a woman were video released ended up showing Hunt kicking at the female. Kareem also did not face criminal charges for the incident. Now the Browns organization might be comfortable with having their priorities writing in the sand with now their second questionable acquisition of a player who was in the headlines for an unfortunate act against a female in the past few years. This unfortunately for the commissioner has not been his only dealing with the sexual assault or harassment problems in the NFL.  

Enter the Washington…… Commanders front office, the perfect example of why your front office should not be in the headline more than your actual football team. This Front office has single handily turned the organization into a dumpster fire to no doing of the team’s actual players. With a league trying to promote the fact that they are equal opportunity and are on board with hiring women coaches the league keeps getting faced with the label of hypocrite when you have women literally coming out about how they do not feel comfortable working in the front office of Washington. With the commanders seems to be the leagues collateral damage for their choices you sure cannot expect the commissioner to allow another organization to be a dumpster fire for poor ethical decision making.  

I have one question for the Browns since you did not take due diligence to meet with the 22 accusers of Watson. Did you even see how the woman in your organization felt about bringing on this player facing this accusation? Since these strong women have fought so hard to break the barrier into the league. Did you ask how it would reflect on these women who worked hard to get their position in this league just to have their names tied to an organization in the headlines for bringing on all this bad publicity? It is a shame that these women in this organization must report to a workplace with Watson’s court cases still under way. This is not even including how the women of the fan base should feel. What does it say to you when you put on that Browns jersey, is it pride or is it disappointment? 

With that being said, only time will tell but one thing is for sure Roger Goodell has boots on the ground and is keeping a close eye on Watson’s cases. Goodell is known to have a team to investigate these situations of misconduct of league policy. I personally would like to see the Browns face discipline action. Pay the money owed to Watson during whatever suspension he may receive to the league due to lack of morals during business. Every team had the opportunity to wait for the course, but a couple of teams could not help themselves. I assume if there is not a suspension the commissioner could be in a whole new doghouse. 


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