Max Homa: Twitter Superstar, and Okay at Golf I Guess…

Golf fan? Avid Twitter user? Both? Neither? Chances are you’ve still heard Max Homas name somewhere. After his fourth PGA tour win this past weekend at the Wells Fargo Championship at TPC Patomac, Max Homa has solidified himself as a certified problem on the course. The 31 year old California native has found his stride in the last four years, picking up his first win at the Wells Fargo Championship in 2019, followed by three more wins, bolstering him into the top ten of this seasons FedEx Cup rankings, and proving that Homa isn’t just golf Twitters funny guy.

            Homa has earned a reputation of being an easy going, positive and joking guy. If “good vibes” was a person, Max Homa would be the ideal candidate. In today’s world of non-stop grinding, constant griping about the PGA tour, and arguments about distance, Homa proves to be somewhat of a light at the end of the tunnel; a comedic relief in the midst  of stern faces and “it’s not fun, it’s a job” golfers. Although Homa boasts four wins on the PGA tour, a low tour round of 63, and dozens of top 10, 20, and 25 finishes, one of his biggest (and favorite) accomplishments might be his rise to Twitter stardom. Home regularly connects with 388,000 of his closest friends through good natured jokes, replies to fans, and his infamous “swing roasts” (if you haven’t seen him tear apart a weekend golfer, you’re missing out).

            Don’t let the good natured, goofy façade fool you though – on the course, Homa is a killer. Homas nearly 400,00 Twitter followers are a great achievement, but the figures that make the money are much smaller. Homa is averaging 1.2 strokes gained ball striking per round, doubling last years average at 0.65. This stat is one kept by only the best players in the world season to season, and only a select few golfers, including the likes of John Rahm, Collin Morikawa, Bryson DeChambeau and Justin Thomas, have posted averages in the same range as Homa. This newfound confidence can be attributed to Homas emphasis on approaching rounds with a positive attitude and mindset. Seems easy, right? You’re telling me all I have to do to hit it straight is have a smile on my face? Not quite.

            Homa has put in the work. In 2017, Homa played only 17 events on the PGA tour, making only 2 of 17 cuts, and a whopping $18,00. Since then, Homa has added four wins to his name, and over $4,000,000 to his bank account. Not bad for a funny guy. Homas win on mother’s day comes just weeks after him and his wife, Lacey, announced the expecting of their first child this coming Novemeber. Homa emphasized perspective over the last four days in Patomac, MD, reassuring himself that he in fact does belong on the same course as the best players in the world because, well, he IS one of the best players in the world. Homa is sure to continue his hot streak, and will continue to solidify his name as one of the greats on the tour, but beyond that, he continues to do what everyone should strive for; just be a good human. 

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