Minnesota United FC are the Definition of Mediocrity

The state of Minnesota has hoped for a professional sports championship for years. They haven’t witnessed a championship parade since 1991 when the Twins won it all. The drought is now at a staggering number of seasons, 120 combined to be exact. This encompasses the Vikings, Wild, Timberwolves, and Twins. Minnesota fans can now include Minnesota United FC on this list too, as they are also failing miserably at winning. It’s not just this season though, winning has been a struggle since their inception in 2017. Let’s examine just how much they are struggling. 

Minnesota United FC currently sits in 10th place in the Western Conference with a record of 4-5-2. Their goal differential stands at a deadlocked 0, with 12 scored and 12 allowed. Things could be a lot worse, but they could also be a lot better, which is the frustrating part. Minnesota has the ability to beat the top teams, as they beat the New York Red Bulls already this season. They also tied Philly and Nashville, as well as crushing bottom feeders like Chicago and San Jose. But they also get beat by inferior opponents quite often which is holding them back severely. They just lost to Seattle 3-1 in their most recent match and lost to them 1-2 earlier this season. They are also on a 3 game losing streak after getting manhandled by LAFC and Cincinnati. Minnesota either plays to win or doesn’t play at all it seems.

The lack of consistency is killing them because they have the potential to be so much more. Then again, potential is really all they have going for them right now. They don’t do anything particularly well, as their offense and defense are average. There is a lack of talent all around as well. Robin Lod leads the team with 4 goals on the season, Luis Amarilla and Emanuel Reynoso follow with 2 a piece. After that, 4 players have 1 goal each and everyone else has 0. So there is a distinct lack of weapons on offense as well as nothing spectacular on defense. 

Going back further in their history, Minnesota United FC have been disappointments and underachievers since their 2017 inception. They finish at league average or below and rarely above. Their league finishes are as follows: 19th in 2017, 18th in 2018, 7th in 2019, 9th in 2020, and 11th in 2021. These are mostly average with a few above average years, but the above average years in 2019 and 2020 yielded nothing in the postseason. In 2019 they lost to the LA Galaxy in the opening round, ending their season early. The story was different in 2020 though, as they beat Colorado and Kansas City 3-0 in each game before losing to Seattle 2-3 in the Conference Finals. This was the usual heartbreak that Minnesota fans are used to, a near championship with a heartbreaking loss followed by the team returning to mediocrity the next season.

Minnesota United FC has never been special across their 5+ seasons in the MLS. They may have a good year here and there but are otherwise the definition of mediocrity. This season is no different, as they aren’t awful but they are streaky and unreliable, making them not good either. They will more than likely finish the year ranked anywhere from 15th to 20th as they are mediocre across the board and on both sides of the ball. This will be just another disappointing year for Minnesota fans and another year without a championship.


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