Saban and Fisher Feuding?

Shakespeare once said “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” It would seem that that phrase could be applied to a budding feud between Alabama powerhouse coach Nick Saban and A&M coach Jimbo Fisher. After the 7 time national championship coach called out Fisher the other day for using NIL deals to buy players, Fisher proceeded to rant and bash his former head coach.

If you don’t know exactly what NIL is, it’s the Name, Image and Likeness which is a term that explains the means for a college athlete being allowed to receive financial compensation. Essentially its referring to the use of any athlete’s use of name, image and likeness through marketing and promotionals. Under current rules in place for NCAA, NIL does not mean pay-for-play. This means boosters or sponsors cannot legally pay a recruit or transfer to play at a school under the guise of a promised NIL deal. Boosters are not even supposed to have contact with recruits or transfers until they are already committed to the school.

So earlier this week, the Crimson Tide’s coach accused Fisher of using NIL deals to buy players. Later, Fisher resorted to name calling and essentially threw what some are calling a tantrum about being called out. It seems that after beating his former head coach and mentor last season, the win has gone to his head as he’s opened the door for drama by responding in such protest to the comments.

Both coaches have been reprimanded by the SEC commissioner. While Nick Saban issued an apology for calling out specific schools over the NIL complaint, Fisher has yet to speak out. The coach who since being at A&M has yet to make even the SEC championship has blown the door wide open for all coaches to now give their opinions on the matter.

With proverbial lines being drawn between Alabama’s Coach Saban and A&M’s Jimbo Fisher, the upcoming season should be interesting to watch play out. All eyes will be on the Alabama vs A&M showdown when the Aggies head over to Bryant-Denny stadium this fall to play the Tide in October.

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