2022-2023 NFL Win-Loss Predictions: How will your team fare this season?

After some extensive research into the rosters as they presently stand for the 32 NFL teams (and admittedly, a small shred of personal bias), these are my predictions as to how your team is going to do in the 2022-23 regular season. 

AFC East:

Buffalo Bills: 13-4

Miami Dolphins: 6-11

New York Jets: 6-11

New England Patriots: 12-5

The AFC East is having games against the AFC North and the NFC North this season, which I rated five of those eight teams to have losing records this year, so strength of schedule is not a major issue here. I think the Dolphins and Jets provide some spots of hope this season for their fanbases that will look good going into next season, but will still have a lot of mistakes that cost them in this one. The Bills and Patriots are the teams to keep your eyes on in this division and, while I have the Bills winning the division, the most important games of the season that will determine the AFC East crown are in weeks 13 and 18 when these two teams go head to head.

AFC West:

Denver Broncos: 9-8

Los Angeles Chargers: 13-4

Kansas City Chiefs: 11-6

Las Vegas Raiders: 10-7

This is probably the most balanced and evenly-matched division in the NFL right now. Not only is it fair, this division is packed full of talent. I would honestly take 17 games of just them facing one another. The AFC West is having games against the AFC South and the NFC West this year, which I had five of those eight teams ending the regular season with winning records. Almost every game for this division is going to be a battle and there will be no real “free wins”. I have the Chargers winning this division because of their powerhouses on both offense and defense, but everyone in this division ended with a winning record, which I take to mean that the division is completely up for grabs. I will say this though: if there is a team to upset my prediction within this division by doing better than I had projected, I believe it will be the Raiders.

AFC North:

Cincinnati Bengals: 13-4

Cleveland Browns: 7-10

Baltimore Ravens: 5-12

Pittsburgh Steelers: 3-14

With the exception of the NFC South, this is the most hit-or-miss division in the NFL. The AFC North is having games against the AFC East and the NFC South this season, which means I expect all of these teams to have four really tough games and four that should be less so, although that will not be the case for everyone. I have the Bengals winning the division by a considerable margin, I just do not see anyone else in this division with enough weapons to contend for that top spot. That being said, we always get teams’ best performances in divisional scraps so I would not readily give the Bengals an easy 6-0 in the division.

AFC South:

Indianapolis Colts: 13-4

Jacksonville Jaguars: 7-10

Houston Texans: 2-15

Tennessee Titans: 13-4

I think a lot of people are going to be surprised by this decision to put the Titans and Colts tied for first place in the division, but I am sticking to it. I believe Matt Ryan was trapped in a hopeless situation with the Falcons, but with the Colts he will find his rhythm and the team will be successful with the acquisitions of defensive talent. As for the Titans, I think the only thing that can stop Derrick Henry in this league is his own health. We saw how he almost took over the league last season and held the rushing crown for weeks after getting injured. Nothing has changed there. King Henry is coming back and I do not think this league is prepared to deal with him. The AFC South is having games against the AFC West and the NFC East this season, which I would say, for our top contenders in this division, only one of those should be a struggle (sorry NFC East fans).

NFC East:

Washington Commanders: 10-7

Dallas Cowboys: 8-9

Philadelphia Eagles: 3-14

New York Giants: 6-11

Admittedly, I have a slight bias when it comes to the NFC East. None of these teams ever really impress me, they just always seem kind of bland and middle of the pack. The NFC East is like white bread, you will have it if there is nothing else, but it is not your favorite. The NFC East is having games against the AFC South and the NFC North this season, which is about as fair as one can hope for, with a couple particularly strong teams woven in alongside some others that I expect will flop entirely this season. I have the Commanders winning this division because they seem like the most complete team present here. The Cowboys are a close second, but I will hold onto my prediction and keep the Commanders at number one.

NFC West:

San Francisco 49ers: 9-8

Arizona Cardinals: 13-4

Los Angeles Rams: 14-3

Seattle Seahawks: 3-14

The West is wild this season in both the AFC and NFC. The NFC West is having games against the AFC West and the NFC South this season, which may be the toughest schedule of any other division in the NFL. I had a surprising six of the eight teams across the AFC West and NFC South having winning seasons, which means everything positive this division gets will be earned. That being said, I still have three of them holding winning records. This is a tough division and I think these are even tougher teams. Expect fireworks from all of these squads (except maybe the Seahawks).

NFC North:

Chicago Bears: 5-12

Detroit Lions: 4-13

Green Bay Packers: 11-6

Minnesota Vikings: 11-6

The NFC North is having games against the AFC East and the NFC East this season, which, with the exception of the Patriots and Bills, should be the easiest schedule in the NFL. Unfortunately for these teams I believe only the Packers and Vikings are equipped well enough to take advantage of this weak matchmaking, and even then it will not be particularly glamorous. The Aaron Rodgers stans will hate me for this, but I do not see any Super Bowls emerging from the NFC North this year.

NFC South:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 14-3

Atlanta Falcons: 3-14

Carolina Panthers: 3-14

New Orleans Saints: 12-5

Last, but not least, this division is a tale of two very different seasons. On one hand, the Saints and Buccaneers will be fighting back and forth for the division’s top spot until the bitter end while, on the other, the Panthers and Falcons will be contending for the top spot in next year’s draft. I have the Buccaneers winning the division because I refuse to bet against the GOAT. The NFC South is having games against the AFC North and the NFC West this season, which is going to be pretty competitive, especially against the NFC West. I’m most looking forward to Week 9’s Buccaneers vs Rams rematch.

We will have to wait and see how these predictions pan out, but feel free to hold me responsible to them.


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