The University of Montana’s New Weapon: Interview with Jonathan Brown

The Grizzlies recently added a potent new talent to their basketball squad in guard Jonathan Brown, who recently announced his commitment to the University of Montana. I’m sure by now Montana fans are curious to know what kind of player they will be getting in Brown and I was lucky enough to be able to conduct an interview with him to get you all the inside look at what you can expect from him in this upcoming season. 

Jonathan Brown, or as I know him, JB, is an incredible individual on and off of the court. Off the court, he is a very easy person to get along with, always smiling and always pleasant to be around. JB never has an issue when it comes to forging relationships within his teams and in his school. On the court, he has a dynamic style of play where he is locked in and focused on the game, taking every opportunity to build his momentum and fire up those around him by making his presence felt in each and every game.

JB’s stats are nothing to take lightly. He is 6’3” and 185 lbs, boasting both offensive and defensive talent. At his most recent school of Central Methodist University he put up an average of 18.6 points, 4.2 rebounds and 3 assists per game, proving his ability to lead and succeed as CMU won 22 out of 33 games with JB on the team, which is a 66.7% win rate. Furthermore he also competed for CMU in the high jump in nationals (his highest jump being 6’8.75”), just barely missing out on being a two sport All-American by a single place in the standings. 

JB has come a long way to get to playing NCAA D1 basketball. He was raised in London and has played with a number of teams along his journey. From Barking Abbey to Fresno Pacific University to Williston State to Central Methodist University and now to the University of Montana, JB is well-traveled and experienced when it comes to winning in multiple organizations. He has made sure to learn along the way and grow as a player and as an individual from each of these stops along his career. As he told me during our interview, “I used to be kind of standoffish, but now I am more open with how I express myself. I’ve also developed a “go get it yourself” attitude that has helped me to dial in, even as I face better competition.”

Size, talent and experience are all things that the University of Montana and their fans can look forward to seeing come from JB, but I was curious to know what drew JB to the Grizzlies. He told me, “The coaches were the first thing to draw me in. They could have been brothers and I would not have known the difference. The community is also fantastic, there’s no NFL or MLB teams or anything like that nearby so people really support and get involved with the basketball team. Finally, I have a role I can fill on this team that I think I will handle well.”

Obviously, for a player like JB who has come so far to play the sport that he loves, the next step after college is to go pro and play in the NBA. When I asked if there is any pressure on him to perform at a high level to obtain that goal in his final two years of college, JB replied, “Yes and no. I’ve proven myself at lower levels of play and now that I’ve jumped a few levels I just need to continue to work on myself, my play and my body. I have fun playing and I know that I can perform at that high level.”

JB compares his play style to that of John Wall, which is a confident, yet fitting, comparison given that Wall was the number one overall draft pick of 2010. JB draws this comparison because, “Wall can defend, pass, and make aggressive plays. Plus he has a little swagger to his game, a little razzmatazz is the best way to put it.” I have to agree that JB brings something special when he is on the court. In my words, he has a distinct mix of electricity and composure that is exactly what you want from a player and especially a leader. In his own words, “The things that I do, I do very well. One big dunk and they’re (the fans) going to get excited. I’m a very chilled out person off the court, but on the court I’m a completely different person. I’m going to bring high energy, dunk the ball and start screaming.”

I personally can attest to the fine quality of player and person that the University of Montana has acquired in JB. As someone who has watched his college career since his days in Fresno Pacific University, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the Grizzlies have found themselves a man who is dedicated to perfecting his craft and always thinking out how he is going to make the next adjustment to be a cut above his competition. I am telling you all now to keep your eyes on this next rising talent. Expect to see great things from JB this season and do not be surprised when he makes his mark on the NCAA and, in time, the NBA. 


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