Colts Sign Nick Foles to 2-Year Deal

Just a couple of months after the Colts lost quarterback Carson Wentz in free agency, the Colts have now been in win now mode. After the accusation of Veteran quarterback Matt Ryan, the colts went into their free agency bag once again, this time signing veteran Super Bowl quarterback Nick Foles. The signing is for 2 years and gives the Colts some great quarterback company as well. Nick Foles will be playing on his six straight NFL franchises since he was drafted 88th overall by the Philadelphia Eagles. With the Colts losing Carson Wentz this was a time for the Colts to solidify their place at the top of the AFC South. Last year the colts were so close to the playoffs last year as they finished the year in second place going 9-8. Nick Foles is a journeyman who has played for six different franchises the Chiefs, the Eagles twice, Bears, and the LA Rams, & the Jacksonville Jaguars. Nick Foles even won super bowl MVP with the eagles in 2018 solidifying his mark among other MVP Quarterbacks namely the guy who he will back up for in Indianapolis during the regular season. Nick Foles has been a steady playmaker through his 6-year career in the NFL. In fact, Nick Foles only played in ten games ever in his 2 years with bears, which is quite a down year since he was the star in Philadelphia going back to his super bowl run with the eagles. In the hopes of backing up Veteran Matt Ryan in Indy, Nick Foles will now have to get accustomed to a new play caller system. Both Foles and Ryan will have to get accustomed to new calling systems after Ryan spent the brunt of his career with the Falcons, and now Nick Foles having to find another new home in Indy. Not to mention the eagles were considering bringing him back reuniting with Foles, but things went south. No one knows how much playing time Foles will get, as he is only in Indy to back up Colts Starting quarterback Matt Ryan, who will once again be at the helm but this time both men will be sporting new colors for their teams. Also, Nick Foles will be reuniting with his old offensive Coordinator Frank Reich who was the Eagles Offensive Coordinator when Foles was the starter in Philly, so Foles might know a few of the plays from he and Reich days in Philly together. The colts might have just found what they have been looking for in a backup quarterback, if Foles can come in and help the Colts to a winning season that they have never had since the days of Peyton Manning and Andrew luck were at the helm, with the colts taking a chance on Foles they have put a huge amount of trust in the 6 year pro, and maybe Foles can get back to his explosive days when he was a Philadelphia Eagle, and help solidify the colts into a playoff team again.

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