Give it Back Draymond

Years ago, I was running a game in one of my history classes. The class was put into teams and battled off of their knowledge of whatever topic we were covering. At the end, I crowned a winning row. The next day, the row leader brought bright green participation ribbons for everyone in the class that lost. I don’t know why I kept one of the ribbons; however after reading Draymond Green’s whining over his Second Team All Defense Award, I’m glad I kept it. Now, I can mail it to him.

FIrst off, Draymond is a great player and an amazing defender. The Warriors aren’t the Warriors without his ability to defend and facilitate like he does. Second off, he is a multiple recipient of First Team selections. I respect his game a lot. I don’t respect his entitlement.

Let’s dissect this a little. Draymond was upset that he did not get a First Team nod. Let me put this bluntly, you missed 44% of the season- you don’t deserve a First Team nod or a Second Team. If this was a grade, you played 56% of the season: you got an E. You failed to be on the court for your team. Yes, yes, some people will say that he was solid or amazing when he was out there. It doesn’t matter. The bank would foreclose on my house if I missed almost half of my payments. The electric company would turn off my power if I missed almost half of my bills. My employer would fire me if I missed this much work. Draymond, you haven’t played 70 games in the last four seasons. Don’t talk about what you should get when you’re taking half of the year off. I don’t care how good you are- you failed your team.

Sorry, I forgot his major argument: find me five better players in the league. Okay, here they are: Mikal Bridges, Kevin Looney, Dwight Powell, Saddiq Bey, and Deni Avdija. You see, those five played every game this year. According to NBA stats, thirteen people have played at least 80 games. Draymond Green doesn’t even make the top 50 for games played, not even close. Personally, as a coach, I value players that are on the court. Actually, in order for a player to be considered a player they have to actually play. Dressing up and sitting on the sidelines is not considered a player. Again, Draymond, you don’t deserve a First Team nod. See me when you play 70 games. Objection denied.

Wait, he has an argument for this as well: there isn’t a requirement for games played for an All Defensive Team. Really? We’re really going there, Draymond? I wasn’t told to breathe, but I figured it out. I don’t remember seeing anything in my contract as a teacher that I wasn’t supposed to chase students around the classroom with sharp objects when they anger me, but I was able to figure that one out on my own. Do we really have to make a ton of rules for the obvious? Objection denied.

Now, let’s address his stance that the Second Team is silly because if he was good enough for second then he was good enough for first. Oh my stinking word, that has to be the stupidest thing I’ve heard. Second Teamers are not First Team because they did not do enough to make First. I don’t know if I can even call this an objection as I don’t want to dignify this statement. You didn’t earn a First Team. Denied, Denied, Denied.

Basically, we stand at a spot where we have a person that barely showed up, didn’t play well enough to earn the top team, disrespected those that did play well enough, and felt that a Second Team was a slap in the face. I have a simple solution: everyone gets a Participation Defensive Team Trophy. Evidently in Draymond Green’s world, you just get one because you decide that you’re better than everyone else. Don’t worry about actually doing something to earn it. I just decided that I deserve it, so I get it. I have decided that I am the best teacher in the country, so I am waiting on my National Teacher of the Year Award. Oh, I am also the best writer in the world, so I deserve the Pulitzer- anything less is an insult.

Okay, I’ve given enough sarcasm for today. Nah, more sarcasm is needed. You didn’t earn it. You didn’t show up. You were gifted a Second Team. Someone literally deserved and earned a spot on the team; unfortunately, that person lost out on the recognition of a lifetime just to appease a person that won’t even appreciate what he was gifted. 

Draymond, you should be ashamed of your behavior. The only thing that you can do now is to decline the Second Team. Do the right thing, Draymond: Give your participation trophy back.


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