Stephen Curry ruined the game of basketball (at the AAU level)

Let me preface this blog by saying: Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter in the history of the world, no human can do what he does on the basketball court in terms of his long-distance marksmanship, and the ability to drill nearly impossible shots. Stephen Curry helped changed the game of basketball at the NBA level, but ruined it at the AAU level.

Throughout history, everybody has tried to emulate their game after someone, in the 1980s and 1990s everyone wanted to be like Bird, Magic, or Jordan. In the early 2000s everyone wanted to be like Kobe and Lebron. Now everyone wants to be like Steph and it’s hurt the product of basketball at the younger level.

Trying to make the shots Steph Curry shoots in a game is almost as realistic as me having Kyrie Irving’s handle.

The funny part about is Curry doesn’t really shoot those long distance shots anymore unless he has to; Curry shoots those in the flow of the game, and he regularly practices shooting up close before working on his shots from long distance.

Any coach will tell you that the shots Steph takes aren’t great shots; if younger kids want to emulate themselves after Steph Curry, they should look at how well he shares the ball, how he’s not the fastest guy on the floor but has enough speed to get past guys. and look at what Curry does when he doesn’t have the basketball, he’s always moving which makes him so tough to guard.

Kids in AAU basketball should stop jacking up Stephen Curry type shots and work on developing their game because not everybody can shoot and I know for a fact nobody can shoot and make 40-footers with consistency that Steph has done throughout his career.


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