NY Giants Head Coach Brian Daboll is Excited about NY Rangers Stanley Cup Play

New Head Coach of the New York Giants Brian Daboll is pleased with the efforts of the NHL’s New York Rangers. They currently lead the 2022 Eastern Conference Finals 2-1 over the back-back Stanley Cup Champions Tampa Bay Lightning.

Daboll’s Hockey Past

Before there was Brian Daboll the head football coach, there was Brian Daboll, the hockey player. The 47-year-old was born in Welland, Canada, which is a suburb in Niagara Falls. He played right wing in his younger days and now as an older adult, he still carries that love of being on the rink. It should be no shock that Daboll along with new general manager Joe Schoen were featured on the big screens during the Rangers’ games.

Game Attendance

What’s even more amazing is the Rangers are undefeated every time Daboll has attended a home playoff game. Daboll’s effect on the Rangers already seems to be welcoming to Giants fans and the entire NYC Sports landscape. Maybe it will carry over to the football team as well. And it would be even more cool if it helped the Knicks finally win a championship next year. And if that title came over Golden State too, wow. But, I’m dreaming too far ahead.

The videos have gone viral all over social media. They were mentioned on Twitter and various channels of both the Giants and Rangers and were celebrated by both fanbases.

“They play well at home, I’d say that,” Daball said when asked about the Rangers’ success prior to the latest Giants’ offseason team activity (OTA) practice. “Obviously the home games I’ve been a part of, they’ve been playing well. It’s certainly not because of me, I know that.”

That’s not the whole enchilada though. The main question of this playoff run is: what lessons can Daboll and the Giants take from all this?

The Letter

Four-years-ago, the Rangers’ reached out to their fan base to what is now called  “The Letter”. It lets them know that it was time to start over. The Rangers’ were going for a total makeover and the best way to do that was to tear it all down to build it back up. The best way to get everyone where they should be was to start over from the beginning, on and off the ice.

Now they are two wins away from reaching the Stanley Cup final. What seemed impossible is slowly becoming a reality.

Giants Drought

The G-Men have found themselves in a symmetrical pickle, as the Rangers’ did four-years ago. Big Blue is tied for the most defeats in franchise history since 2017. The frustration of a once proud franchise is continuing to brew. 

Instead of sending out their own version of a letter, they chose to quietly rebuild a franchise that once beat the New England Patriots twice in the Super Bowl with Hall-of-Fame Quarterback Eli Manning. They went out and hired former Buffalo Bills assistant general manager Schoen to be their general manager. Schoen worked closely with Bills GM Brandon Beane to help draft superstar talent. We know Allen is a budding star in the NFL at quarterback and Tremaine Edmunds is a beast at middle linebacker. Then, Schoen went and hired his fellow coworker in offensive coordinator Daboll to be the head coach. Daboll was credited for developing Allen from a “project quarterback” to one of the better signal callers in the NFL

Much like the Rangers, the G-Men are looking to develop a culture and want to build with the newly hired coaching staff. Meanwhile, the team believes in their current nucleus of players whose veteran presence isn’t necessarily a concern. From there, the sky’s the limit. 

“We are professional athletes, and professional coaches, so I think for us, I think there is more to gain than just being part of the fun,” Leonard Williams told North Jersey.com, and USA TODAY Network. “Of course, we’re there for fun. But we’re watching another team have success, and that’s what you want, you want to feel it, you want to create it. There’s no doubt about it. They’re winning, so as a team, they must be doing something right.”

So, to get where the NY Rangers’ are now, your rebuild is going to have to start now, Coach Daboll.

Now, the Magic-8 Ball Question? Will Daboll be able to make the most out of the promising, but also struggling Giants quarterback Daniel Jones?


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  1. I say Gallant is the reason the Rangers made it this far. I was skeptical about the David Quinn firing last year but guess it was the right move.

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