Roma Wasn’t Built in a Day

We all know how the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Neither was AS Roma’s Europa Conference League title run. First it started with the departure of manager Paulo Fonseca after getting to the semifinals of the 2020-2021 Europa League. On May 4th AS Roma made a splash when they signed highly respected coach Jose Mourinho. His first match was a 2-1 win versus Trabzonspor from the Turkish league in the first leg of Conference League play.

The season ended on a high note for Roma with them not only playing in their first European final since 1991 when they defeated Leicester City 2-1 on aggregate goals, but winning the whole thing too, and in dramatic fashion as well.

On May 25th Jose Mourinho has now won his 5th European final, Roma won their first European final ever, and their first title in 14 years due to a single goal by Zaniolo and Rome couldn’t be happier. It’s now been just over two week since Roma has lifted the title. So many are asking what’s next for Roma? What do the fans have to look forward to, and how excited should they be?

Next season Roma will move on to Europa League play as they not only qualified due to positioning in Serie A, finishing in 6th place and 1 point behind 5th place Lazio, but by winning Conference League they also would see Europa League play. They will join hated rival Lazio in Europa League as the only two teams from Serie A. 

The fans of course have another exciting season to look forward to with their second season under Mourinho. Tammy Abraham will be returning as well following a season scoring 17 goals in Serie A, as well as scoring 3 more in Conference League play. These two facts alone should excite Roma fans. You’re never in a bad spot when Mourinho is your head manager. He got Roma into 5th place in his first year with players who may not have fit his system the way he wanted.

As the saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” and neither will AS Roma. But when your building blocks are Mourinho, Abraham, Smalling, Pellegrini, and the UEFA Conference League championship title, your building blocks are pretty solid, and that should excite all the fans, and frighten the rest of Serie A.

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