The Heart of the Warrior(s): A Draymond Green Story

The Golden State Warriors have one of the greatest dynasties of the 21st century with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green as the front runners. Since 2015, the Warriors have made six of eight NBA finals, including the current one. They have won three of those, with number four still pending.

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are two household names. They are famously known as the Splash Brothers, a nickname that results from the amount of three-pointers that they score every game. Those two just do not seem to know how to miss. Curry and Thompson’s offensive work are generally what is most talked about in reference to the Warriors dynasty.

But, what about Draymond Green? What is his role in all of this?

While the Splash Brothers are two of the most beloved players in the league, Draymond Green may be the most polarizing name of the current NBA times. Green is known for his trash talk and physical play. Teams have had trouble just dealing with the emotional force that Green brings to the court. It is safe to say that the Golden State Warriors would be vastly different without Green’s ability to get in the head of their opponents.

Whether basketball fans love or hate Green, his intensity can often be felt through the television. His fiery nature appears as he is coaching up the younger talent, communicating on the court, or making his case to the referees.

Green’s ferocity was seen just recently in game two of the NBA finals. In a crucial battle against the Boston Celtics, Green made his presence noticeable on the court as he played physical ball and made the Celtics visibly uncomposed. Green’s potency helped secure a win that tied up the series.

Following the game, social media was stirred up with backlash as fans thought that Green’s antics were over the top, but hey, they seemed to work.

Though Green’s energy has the ability to charge up this Warriors team, his emotional style can also be costly for Golden State. In the 2016 NBA Finals, Green was suspended for game five after accumulating too many flagrant fouls. The Cleveland Cavaliers ended up winning this game, making the series into a closer record of 3-2. The momentum had shifted as the Cavaliers went on a three-game winning streak, making them NBA champions. This is not to say that Green is the sole reason for the loss, but his suspension was surely a big factor.

Green’s influence is something immeasurable, as his impression is not always reflected on the scoreboard. Since 2015, he has averaged only eight points a game while playing around thirty minutes. Despite the fact that Green is not putting up record numbers in three-pointers like Curry and Thompson, his teammates and Dub Nation still recognize the importance of his tough defensive mindset and high basketball IQ.

“We would not be the Warriors without Draymond,” said Klay Thomspon.


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