The Most Overrated Players in the NFL Today

To be overrated, a player has to be popular beyond the results they actually put out and usually that fame occurs when there is a standout play or two that people remember. Unfortunately, that level of play is not there game after game and it leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths as they realize they were hyped up for a lack of substantial results. Here is my list of the Top 10 NFL players in the league today that are overhyped and not as good as they are presented to be:

10. Lamar Jackson

A year or two ago Jackson would have been higher on this list. Most fans criticize him for being a running back who plays quarterback, but I just do not think he is a consistently good player in general. He reminds me a lot of Cam Newton, he had one exceptional season out of nowhere and then disappeared just as quickly as he had risen into the spotlight. People will not forget his breakout season for a while though, so now he is just overrated. 

9. Jalen Ramsey

I am leaving this at number nine because I actually think Ramsey is considerably better than most of the people on this list. Is he the best player at his position ever? No and I do not think it is even close. I will contend that he is top three in the league as it stands today, but I am not actually convinced that he is as much of a lock down corner as his popularity would lead us to believe.

8. Ryan Tannehill 

Do not be fooled by the new uniform, this is the same Ryan Tannehill from the Dolphins. I will admit he has gotten a bit better, but much of that has to do with the fact that the best running back in the league shoulders the load of the entire team. Couple that with a wide receiver that is top tier in Julio Jones and you have a team that can afford a middle-of-the-pack quarterback.

7. Ja’Marr Chase

This is a promising young player, do not take him being on this list the wrong way. I think Chase has a lot of potential and could be great. I just think we are hyping him up too much and too early in his career. If he can repeat his success year after year I will admit he is legitimate, but at this point in time I remain skeptical. 

6. Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliot is very similar in my mind to Lamar Jackson because, while both are still overrated, people are beginning to catch on to that fact and not glorify them as much as they used to. Elliot is all too similar to other running backs that were coming onto the football scene around the same time as him like Eddie Lacy and Todd Gurley. All of these three players had a super standout season or two and then never reached that level of success again. 

5. Trevon Diggs

Diggs is a mix of my critiques of Jalen Ramsey and Ja’Marr Chase. He is a good player, a notable ball hawk, and an exciting player to watch. I do not think he is good enough to deserve the excessive amount of praise that he does though. He is young and he has time to prove me wrong, but I am not yet convinced that he lives up to the hype. 

4. DK Metcalf

We have all seen the picture of DK Metcalf shirtless. We all know he is big and fast. That does not change the fact that he is just not reliable at all. He only had a 58.1% catch rate last season which, compared to Ja’Marr Chase last season, is on more targets with less catches and almost 500 less yards. In my opinion Metcalf is not even a top 10 receiver in the league right now, yet you would never know that based on how people talk about him. Way overrated, just misses the top three. 

3. Odell Beckham Jr.

OBJ is a good receiver and his flashy catches have earned him the acknowledgement of the entire league. That being said, he is often too flashy for his own good and it has become ridiculous. Announcers start going crazy any time this guy catches a pass he could have easily had with both hands with just one hand. It has become rather unimpressive at this point. With how much moving around this guy has done in the league to find success, he feels like LeBron James: yes, he is good, but he also is just hopping around to new teams to have his way and be a part of a super team. It just feels disingenuous at this point. 

2. Aaron Rodgers

One of the best quarterbacks in the league? Yes. A future hall of famer? I do not doubt it. Over hyped? Absolutely. He won the Super Bowl in the 2010-11 season and has not been back since. Since then the Packers’ seasons hve ended in the Wild Card round once, Divisional round four times, NFC Championship game four times, and they have missed the playoffs entirely twice. Sure, Aaron Rodgers puts up incredible stats year after year, but without the hardware to show for his success, he is not even in the conversation for the greatest player of all time unless we limit that to regular season accomplishments only.

1. Patrick Mahomes

Allow me to vent when I say, if I see another highlight clip of Patrick Mahomes side arming a pass or throwing a pass on the run, I am going to lose my mind. Mahomes is a good player and definitely one of the more promising quarterbacks in the league right now, but the media coverage worships him for the most menial of plays to the point that I would rather anyone win except for him. He is good, but he is not what the NFL or SportsCenter would have us believe he is.


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