Goodbye Gronk

Rob Gronkowski posted his retirement announcement on Instagram yesterday, which means that he has now retired twice as many times as his teammate of many years, Tom Brady, to the dismay of many across the NFL. Gronk has lead an incredible career, one that is on par with the best to ever do it in the league. From personality to performance, it is hard to top the tight end that could easily be argued as the best ever to play the position. 

Gronk has had a difficult career, struggling more than most with injuries from his college days to his time in the NFL. Many will remember his iconic arm brace that made him look like something out of Terminator for many years of his career. However, despite the many injuries he faced in his career, it would be difficult to imagine a time where his contagious smile and positive energy was ever lacking. This same energy is what I always believed was the most incredible part about Gronk that made him larger than life at times. His resilience and ability to be untamable, unique, despite all obstacles, from his injuries to spending most of his career in the notoriously strict Belichick-ian system, always has found a way to impress me. 

Rob Gronkowski has inspired an entire new generation of players in a position that was often overlooked as a role that had to be a “jack of all trades and master of none.” It is even still often thought that tight ends can either be good at blocking or at catching, but not both, yet since Gronk put his mark on the league in the form of craters in the end zone, much of that kind of talk has been silenced with how impressive of an all around beast he is. Gronk broke the mold for what the position had to be and created a new one that tight ends for years to come will be trying to replicate. 

Gronkowski has always been a character, from his party bus shenanigans to his stint in the WWE. No matter what he does next in his career, I have no doubts that we have not heard the last from Gronk. No way.


  • Luke Nelson

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