Draft Prospect Comparisons Part 3

Paolo Banchero

Floor: Julius Randle

Out of the three, maybe four, top prospects in the draft I believe Banchero is the safest pick with the highest floor. At worst, he is a big strong body that would be able to do the little things and have intangibles that will not necessarily hurt a team. As of right now, Banchero’s biggest question mark is on the defensive end. I lean towards the idea that this is a lack of motivation rather than athleticism because we have seen his quickness and athleticism time and time again on the offensive side of the ball. While he is bigger in stature than Randle, I could see Banchero with the
ball in his hands and working o the dribble eventually in his career. As Randle has recently won the MIP award, he still has not fully reached the level he was expected to out of Kentucky. At the end of the day, Randle will always be somewhat reliable on the oensive end but has not proved to be fully committed on the defensive end. Barring injury, Paolo will be able to fall back on his athleticism and lateral quickness for his size and attack mismatches on oense. Even if he does turn into the same caliber player as Randle, Banchero will still be considered somewhat of a success. Randle has made one of the all-NBA teams, MIP, and an all-star game.

Ceiling: Chris Webber with expanded range

Paolos ability to flat out beat his opponent with his footwork and athleticism shows shades of young Blake Grin and Chris Webber. Now take that player and add an expanded range and intangibles that guarantee longevity in the league. While the defensive end is in question, Banchero’s offensive stock is only rising. Webber, a physically dominant power forward with a bit of range was lethal because he had was what known as an “inside out” game in his playing days. Now, with the demand for bigs to be capable of an even expanded three-point repertoire, Banchero is
being drafted at the perfect time. Shooting in the mid-30s% from three while also snagging a little less than eight rebounds in his solo year at Duke. If he continues to develop inside strength and hold to the near 55% 2pt percentage in the NBA, he will surely flourish. What could be the separator between Webber and Banchero is Paolo’s fit. Webber earned ROY as well as five all-star appearances but never was put in a great career-long situation. If Banchero is placed in a system that allows him to shine, I can envision his name being talked about years from now.


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