Bucks select MarJon Beauchamp with 24th overall selection

This is a great selection for the Bucks.

Last season, what the Bucks missed in the playoffs once Khris Middleton got hurt was guys outside of Giannis who could get their own shot. The Bucks shooting from three in the postseason last year wasn’t great (32 percent). Beauchamp only shot 24 percent from three last season in the G-League Ignite League but, in 2020-21 while playing for Yakima College Beauchamp shot 39 percent so I expect Beauchamp to return to his good shooting form in the NBA.

What to know about MarJon Beauchamp:

In high school, Beauchamp moved from his hometown of Yakima, Washington to Seattle to play at Nathan Hale High School for Brandon Roy to play quality competition. In his sophomore year, Beauchamp transferred to Garfield High School in Seattle to again play for Brandon Roy and led his team to a state title and helped Garfield reach the quarterfinals in High School Nationals. In his junior campaign, Beauchamp transferred to Rainier Beach High School due to not being motivated in his classes and sickness from mold in his house in Garfield. Beauchamp led Rainier Beach to league and district titles and was named Most Valuable Player of the Seattle 3A Metro League. Beauchamp during that run, averaged 26 points, 11 rebounds. and five assists per game. In his senior year, Beauchamp transferred again to Dream City Christian School in Glendale, Arizona a school with a new basketball team. After finishing his high school basketball career, he went back to Yakima to finish out at Eisenhower High School.

What college did Beauchamp go to?

Trick question Beauchamp didn’t go to college despite being a five-star prospect, Beauchamp trained in San Francisco with Chameleon BX to prepare for the 2021 draft. Beauchamp came back to Washington following COVID-19 and picked Yakima Valley College as his next destination.

As a freshman, Beauchamp averaged 30.7 points, 10.5 rebounds, and 4.8 assists per game in 12 games. Beauchamp led Northwest Athletic Conference in scoring. Beauchamp again received D1 scholarships after the season, but decided against the college route and chose to join NBA G-League Ignite.

What is NBA G-League Ignite?

Founded in 2020, NBA G-League Ignite is a developmental basketball team affiliated with the G-League. The teams are made up of prospects and veteran players. This is an alternative to college basketball as prospects make up to $500,000.

The NBA G-League Ignite schedule hasn’t been normal since COVID-19 but this season all 30 teams played between 31-35 games.

What were Beauchamp’s stats in NBA G-League Ignite?

Beauchamp in 12 games last season, averaged 15.1 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 2.3 assists.


Beauchamp will be a great fit for the Bucks.

According to NBA Scouts Beauchamp is a “long energetic wing who had a breakout year with the G-League Ignite.”

Beauchamp is regarded as a great defender, which if you play for Coach Mike Budenholzer you need to play defense to crack his rotation.

The Bucks strategy has been; find as much shooting as possible because teams will key in on Giannis and it’s important that Milwaukee has as many floor spacers on the floor as possible.

Overall, the Bucks drafted in a position of need, and hopefully Beauchamp can crack regular rotation for Coach Bud at some point next season.


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