Royals All-Time 26 Man Roster


Bret Saberhagen, Zack Greinke, Paul Splittorff, Kevin Appier, Dennis Leonard, Mark Gubicza, Joakim Soria, Steve Busby, Jeff Montgomery, Greg Holland, Dan Quisenberry, Wade Davis


Salvador Perez, Darrell Porter


George Brett, Freddie Patek, Frank White, Eric Hosmer, Mike Sweeney, Whit Merrifield


Willie Wilson, Carlos Beltran, Bo Jackson, Alex Gordon, Amis Otis, Hal McRae

Starting Rotation

  1. Brett Saberhagen RHP
  2. Zack Greinke RHP
  3. Paul Splittorff LHP
  4. Dennis Leonard RHP
  5. Kevin Appier RHP


Mark Gubicza RHP, Steve Busby RHP, Joakim Soria RHP, Jeff Montgomery RHP, Greg Holland RHP

Setup Man – Dan Quisenberry RHP, Closer – Wade Davis RHP

Starting Lineup

  1. Willie Wilson – LF
  2. Carlos Beltran – CF
  3. George Brett – 3B
  4. Mike Sweeney – DH
  5. Salvador Perez – C
  6. Bo Jackson – RF
  7. Eric Hosmer – 1B
  8. Frank White – 2B
  9. Freddie Patek – SS


Amis Otis – OF, Alex Gordon – OF, Hal McRae – OF, Whit Merrifield – IF/OF

Honorable Mentions

John Mayberry, Larry Gura, Kevin Seitzer, Danny Tartabull, Charlie Leibrandt, Kelvin Herrera, Danny Duffy, Alcides Escobar, Lorenzo Cain, Cookie Rojas, Al Fitzmorris, Mike Moustakas


John Mayberry was the toughest to leave off because of his power numbers and big offensive seasons with KC. I chose Hosmer for his overall game; a solid, clutch hitter, great defender, and baserunner (hence the mad dash). I know Bo Jackson might surprise some but I couldn’t leave arguably the greatest athlete to ever walk planet earth off my team. If only he could’ve played longer. I realize I have 6 outfielders but all of those players have to be on this team. Gordon, an original third basemen could play the infield if need be. I’m also aware that for the bullpen I chose some starting pitchers but they would be used as long relievers on my team. Finally, Bobby Witt Jr. will make this roster eventually if he stays healthy throughout his career.


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