Did Golden State have the Best Title Run of All Time?

Golden State Warriors Championship Run:

Preseason Championship Odds:


Regular Season Record:

Record through 41 games:


Record through 82 games:


Finished 3rd in the Western Conference 

Regular Season Team Stats:

Points per game: 

111.0 (15th in NBA)

Opponent points per game:

105.5 (3rd in NBA)

Offensive rating:

112.5 (17th in NBA)

Defensive rating:

106.9 (1st in NBA)

Net Rating:

+5.6 (5th in NBA)

Regular Season Player Stats:

Player Games playedPointsper gameFG %Rebounds per gameAssists per gameSteals per gameBlocksper game
A. Wiggins7317.20.4664.
J. Poole7618.50.4483,
D. Green467.50.5257.
O. Porter Jr.638.20.4.645.
K. Looney826.00.5717.
G. Payton II717.10.6163,
J. Kumigna 709.30.5133.

Playoffs Schedule:

Western Conference First Round:

Warriors beat the Nuggets (4-1)

Western Conference Semi Finals

Warriors beat the Grizzlies (4–2)

Western Conference Conference Finals:

Warriors beat the Mavericks (4-1)

NBA Finals:

Warriors beat the Celtics (4-2)

NBA Awards:

All-NBA Team:

Second Team- Steph Curry

NBA All-Defensive Team:

Second Team- Draymond Green

Western Conference Finals MVP:

Steph Curry

NBA Finals MVP:

Steph Curry

My Team Awards:

Team MVP:

Steph Curry

Curry deserves the MVP award for the team.  He was also was in the conversation for MVP earlier in the season.

Team Defensive Player of the Year:

Draymond Green

There’s only one option for this award as Draymond has never been a bonafide scorer but an intense defender. He’s the glue that holds this team. You can say that the team was lost without him whenever he was injured.

Team Rookie of the Year:

Jonathan Kuminga 

Kuminga has had professional experience like Green from the Rockets. They both were drafted high because of the G-League. He didn’t get a lot of playing time but I don’t see him hitting the starting lineup for the next year or two barring a injured starter. 

Team Sixth Man of the Year:

Jordan Poole

Jordan Poole had fantastic sophomore season with Klay out for the first half of the season. He had his minutes increase and he responded with 

Team Most Improved Player of the Year:

Jordan Poole

Many people think Poole should’ve won this award for the NBA. I think he had a good shot at the  award but I’m assuming he was second in the race. Ja Morant had a great year and was built off an underwhelming season. Unless Curry or Thomspson get hurt, I don’t see him getting another opportunity for this award.

Warriors had the best championship run ever?

Golden State  did what a lot of teams won’t do. They managed their injuries very carefully. The main three players on the team were held out for multiple games but they made sure they were close to 100%. Klay Thompson didn’t start until half way through the season. Draymond was out for a period of time. Lasly, Curry was injured against the Celtics for the rest of the season. They went as far to bench Curry for the beginning of the playoffs. This was another chance for Curry to be in the games but allowing him to get more rest. All in all, the warriors had a lot of injuries to their starting five but that didn’t affect the next man up mentality. This team had everything from shooting, defending and role players that made a mark.


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