The New York Yankees Trade Deadline Preview

Bolster the Roster

The New York Yankees are 56-21. That is the best record in baseball and they have a 12 game division lead over the second place Toronto Blue Jays. This is a very similar start to their 1998 championship season as well.  However, as great as they’ve been, they could use some improvements. The MLB trade deadline is on August 2nd so there’s still a month to make moves. I think the Yankees need to be one of those teams that actively calls to try to upgrade the roster. 

The Yankees could use upgrades in the outfield, infield and pitching staff. Joey Gallo and Aaron Hicks have been disappointments in the outfield. Guys the Yankees could look to acquire are Andrew Benintendi from the Royals, Ian Happ from the Cubs, or Bryan Reynolds from the Pirates. As is with most trades, the team has to give up prospects in return. The Yankees have a solid farm system and should be willing to give up multiple prospects in hopes of upgrading the squad. Some pitching options to consider are Luis Castillo of the Reds and Frankie Montas of the A’s. 

None of these guys will come cheap. Of course, these prospects could end up turning into studs but when you’re a team that has a legitimate chance of winning the World Series, you should be willing to go all in to make sure you put the best possible roster in the postseason. The future is important but for the Yankees it’s the present that’s more imperative because this is such an incredible start to the season. They need to make some sort of upgrades so they have an even better shot of winning their first World Series title since 2009 and number 28th overall. Hopefully by August, general manager Brian Cashman brings new faces to the clubhouse. 


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