The Nets “Short-Lived” Dynasty

If anyone told Brooklyn fans in 2019 that this team would only last a couple of years, they would have laughed and told you this team would have a ring by now. But, fast forward to the present, with all the controversty throughts the years, it might be one of the most disappointing team-ups in the history of the NBA.

It could even be said that this dynasty was destined to break up before they even started.

One of the most talked-about topics is Kevin Durant wanting a trade from the Nets, leaving the big question, where is he going to end up, and is this going to be a repeat of 2016. At this point, the breakup came into existence. No matter the best effort, it wasn’t working anymore. Despite the success, the team had with a close playoff run, injuries, roster issues, and more.

It comes down to the conclusion that despite their best effort, it wasn’t going to work out anymore. Once there is a realization that there is nothing that can be done, changes have to be made.

When Harden joined this Brooklyn team that traded a majority of role players, including Spencer Dinwiddie and Jarrett Allen. and Caris LeVert in a 4 team megadeal, it left mixed feelings in league with uncertainty for the future of the Nets.
We saw this again when James Harden went to the Philadelphia 76ers soon after. It can even be said it was obvious that he was never fully committed and found that opportunity. Taking a look before he got traded, it was countless injuries and backroom discussions.

Harden left on February 10th, and the Nets acquired Ben Simmons, who also had a lot of attention on him. With all the talent on the team, the focus was on the Irving-Durant partnership.

Moving forwards, the Nets are in their third season with the Duo. The Nets went through a roller coaster of emotions with a slow start. Durant was recovering from achilles surgery but was still playing 90 out of 154 regular-season games. Then looking at Irving, who opted to play and sat out most of the time due to the New York vaccine mandate, played around 83 games of the regular season.
Moving towards the Playoffs, the Boston Celtics swept the nets in the first-round playoffs series. Even after the loss after game four, Irving talked about” managing the franchise together.” Yet during the conference, Irving continued to talk about “working this franchise together.”

Since KD is requesting a trade, the duo is no longer here, and the new focus is where Durant will land. There is no clear plan for what the Brooklyn net will do now, but this dynasty was short-lived and officially over.


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