Is The Yankees’ Recipe for Success Sustainable?

The Yankees are good. They’re the best team in the MLB at the moment and have shown little to no signs of slowing down. Aaron Judge is playing at an MVP level, the pitching has continued to shine, and the rest of the offense barely has any holes. They have been able to win in a variety of different ways this year. Blow-outs, close games, pitching duels, slugfests, and most importantly, come-from-behind wins.

In 2020 and 2021, when the Yankees were not playing nearly as well as they are now, one of their biggest weaknesses was the fact that when they went down in a game, they rolled over and died. Now, however, when the Yankees go down in a game, it’s almost expected that they will come back and win. It’s the sign of a great team, but have they been relying on it too much? Everybody knows when you make the playoffs, as the Yankees are almost certainly going to do, you face the best teams in the MLB. That means teams with the best pitching staffs, defense, and bullpens. Comeback wins are inherently more difficult in the playoffs with the level of talent playing on the field. What does this mean for the Yankees? Well, as long as the starting pitching keeps performing as well as they have, the bullpen, led by Clay Holmes and Michael King, continues to shut opponents down, and the offense keeps hitting bombs, as well as hitting situationally, they should be fine. 

The Yankees are playing like they want to win the World Series. In previous years, they used to punt games that they didn’t think mattered, rest their starters, and get back out there the next day. This year, they’re going for the throat every single game. However, they are facing a few glaring holes that may need improvement. Joey Gallo hasn’t gotten it going all year, and despite some flashes of the player he used to be, Aaron Hicks looks bad most of the time. The starting pitching hasn’t been as strong as it was at the beginning of the year, as Nestor Cortes Jr. has slowed down a little bit, but Jameson Taillon has slowed down more. The Yankees may have to make some significant improvements at the trade deadline to fill those holes. More importantly, however, they may have to try to win more games from the start rather than make comeback victories, because that may not work come crunch time.

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  1. A win is a win. The number of come-from-behind and walk-off wins this season is impressive. Over the course of a 162 game grind, these wins are important. But in a winner-take-all 5-game or 7-game series, falling behind is flirting with disaster.

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