Let’s Listen to the Strikers in L.A.

As we know, the Dodgers have been set to host the festivities of the MLB All-Star game. However, just recently, concessions workers voted and came to a decision with 99% in favor of going on strike in this week before the game. The protestors are represented by Unite Here Local 11 and are striking for better pay to be able to make their ends meet.

I can personally sympathize with these workers. I’m a college student and I work two jobs, yet somehow I am accumulating more debt than I will be able to pay off in the near foreseeable future. Everyone knows how high the cost of living has risen, especially within the last year, and L.A. county is extremely difficult if not impossible to live on working at minimum wage, which is currently at $15.96 an hour.

So I respect what these workers are doing. They are protesting and making their voices heard in a powerful way by unionizing and getting the point across, leveraging this big event against the Dodgers and against the MLB to pay their workers properly because, without them, this multi-billion dollar league would not be nearly as successful as they are.

Simply put, people should be able to work and survive off of the good work that they do, no matter what the job is. Let’s hope that the MLB can come to realize that fact and make a change that benefits the interests of their workers.


  • Luke Nelson

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