Teeing Up

Cincy has a decent sized problem, and for the first time in a long (long) time it’s a good one. This offense features so many weapons around young cat Joe Burrow that it will be a headache to pay them all. Specifically, distinguishing between which of Ja’marr Chase or Tee Higgins will be given everything and the kitchen sink, if not both. Now, some may be reading this and thinking of clicking out because they think it’s a no brainer between the two. Favoring Chase mostly because of his chemistry with Burrow and he’s younger. Don’t judge too fast, because Tee Higgins, who will presumably be switching to number five this season, had an outstanding sophomore season. 

Tee Higgins posted 1,091 yards and 6 touchdowns, on top of his 309 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns in the postseason. Higgins in my opinion is A.J Green 2.0 to the Bengals, this is because he is the big type of receiver that can go up and get the ball the way a smaller guy like Ja’marr can’t. He is the toe tapping big guy that Joey B isn’t afraid to just toss it up too. For example, in the second matchup with the Ravens, he made a 54 yard spinning catch over two defenders on the five yard line.

Higgins also missed 2 games due to injury and still turned in 1,000 plus, the man is just a game changer on opposing defenses and opens up so much for Cincy’s offense . Everybody is gameplanning for Ja’marr, but most of the time you gotta double Higgins too, and he has better speed than you’d think for a bigger type receiver. 

On the other hand, Ja’marr has that crazy LSU chemistry with Burrow and was rookie of the year. He broke many records for a rookie, he also had two 200+ yard receiving games, 201 against the Ravens, and in a big time game against the Chiefs he tallied a whopping 266. He’s truthfully a dream come true for the Bengals, as they skipped out on one of the shiniest offensive line prospects (Penei Sewell) they’ve had a shot at in years at pick five. Chase is that speedy guy who can line up anywhere and just kill you over and over. But, despite all the superhuman plays he makes, he does seem a little more human when you look at the drops category, where he ranks third. Now, who’s to say he didn’t just have some rookie jitters and he turns half those drops to more yards and more touchdowns? 1,455 yards and 13 touchdowns is impressive against today’s corners, add in he was a rookie and didn’t play college the previous year it’s just insane. 

Maybe the Bengals won’t have to pick between the two, and there isn’t a problem at all. I know most Cincinnati fans are hoping that is the case, but the way the receiver market has been heating up it isn’t crazy to speculate. These two could possibly end up being the duo to beat in the league and Mike Brown/Zac Taylor should pull everything they can to keep them together with Burrow for the long haul. Does that mean giving Higgins an extension after this upcoming season before the price goes up like they did with slot maestro Tyler Boyd? Regardless, expect both of these guys to go even bigger this season with a much improved offensive line.

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