Three Early Takes for the 21/22 Celtic Season

Although it is July, it is never too early to lay out some predictions or expectations for the Celtics next season. In no particular format or order, I will be listing a few ideas I feel strongly about heading into the season. 

  1. The Celtics will finish as a top three seed in the East with over 50 wins once again.

This seems to not be the hottest take of all time due to the fact that Boston finished with 51 wins last year after such a tragic first half of the season. While it may be a given, the team still has a few addictions that need to gel. With numerous months until the season even starts, it should not be an issue as that was the biggest reason why they struggled at the start of the 21/22 season.

  1. Malcolm Brogdon will win 6MOY.

If the roster and lineup projections stay as they are, Brogdon is set to be coming off the bench for the season. As a player who has already won ROY and averaged at least 20ppg before, he has experience as a solidified starter already. Now that he is bought into the Celtics system, it will allow him to bring those experiences to the second rotation and excel in his role.

  1. Tatum will improve even more and it will show in the playoffs.

Most mega stars have had that one series in the past that critics will point to as a fault in their career. While Tatum played amazing until the finals, it reminded me of Lebron’s performance against the Mavericks years back. His lack of experience in the finals showed, and that is okay. This only will fuel the fire that will spark more of a leadership role on and off the court. Do not be alarmed if his stats do not dramatically improve, I am speaking more about his confidence and mentality down the stretch of the season.


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