Player Spotlight: Baker Mayfield

Baker in high school was a stellar quarterback. He played at Lake Travis High School. In the two seasons he played in high, he had an 25-2 record. Also, he finished with 6,255 yards, 67 touchdowns and 8 interceptions.

He started his college career with Texas Tech. It is believed that he is the to be the first walk on to start a game. The following season he transferred to Oklahoma, but he had to sit out his first season with team. All in all, he had 14,20 passing yards during his times with both Texas Tech and Oklahoma. He also had 129 touchdowns along with 29 interceptions.

This was a crazy draft for the quarterback position. There were 5 quarterbacks selected in the draft. Two of them took advantage. The 2 were Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson. The other 3 have been traded and didn’t do much to help to their first organized. The other 3 were Mayfield, Josh Rosen, and Sam Darnold. I believe that Mayfield can help another team. Mayfield was a first overall pick that hasn’t led to much success. Of course, he’d start his career in Cleveland.

Mayfield didn’t have a bad season, but it wasn’t good one. He threw 14 interceptions along with 3,725 yards.  The fans were happy that they possibly got a franchise quarterback. The stats were okay Mayfield, but the wins weren’t coming through. He got 6 wins in his rookie and sophomore year. His stats weren’t pretty to see. He had 22 touchdowns with 21 interceptions. He played the full season, 16 out of 16. He had 26 touchdowns with only 8 interceptions. He also had 3,563 yards during the season. This was his best season buy far.

I believe most of the year it was Mayfield’s fault in the media. They never praised for him since he was injured. And still playing. He had another 6-win season in which has been the third time he has done that in only 4 seasons. While writing this article, he was traded to the Carolina Panthers. I’m willing to bet that Robby Anderson is not very happy the Mayfield coming to town. My prediction was him being traded to Tampa Bay and learning from Tom Brady.


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