Predicting San Francisco’s Season

The 2022 San Francisco 49ers have one of the best and most talented rosters since the group that made multiple playoff runs in the early 2010s. With so many playmakers, it seems almost impossible to predict the upcoming season, but let’s have a shot at some early takes.

Deebo Samuel will not be the most impactful WR. The good part of this is that Samuel will be a part of the 49ers come the 2022 season, which will be a great asset to the offense, but he will not carry them as he seemed to do last year. Instead, Brandon Aiyuk will have a better year in terms of yards. In his third year, Aiyuk will be utilized more and make the jump from 826 to 1,000+ yards and have six or more touchdowns.

Nick Bosa will have 16+ sacks. This one does not seem too far-fetched considering Bosa had 15.5 sacks last season despite coming off of an ACL injury. Bosa will be a key reason why the 49ers make the playoffs, just as he was last year with big-time stops that brought the offense back onto the field. During the regular season, he will have huge games against the Carolina Panthers and Seattle Seahawks, putting himself in the talks for DPOY.

Center will be the 49ers’ biggest position struggle. Alex Mack played 13 seasons and went to seven Pro Bowls, and even though he was not with the team for long, his retirement will take a heavy hit to San Francisco’s offense. Mack was one of the most consistent players for the 49ers last season as he played all 17 games. Now, it seems like Jake Brendel will take the spot over. Brendel has only started three games in his career and Mack’s shoes are not going to be easily fillable. 

Trey Lance will be in the MVP conversation. With so many up-and-coming quarterbacks in the NFL, it seems almost unfeasible to not have at least one or two in the mix for MVP. The reason that Lance will be in this particular conversation is because he will have a breakout year. Lance will lead the NFC West in yards by a quarterback, have five rushing touchdowns (at the very least) and steer San Francisco in the direction of a deep playoff run.

San Francisco will finish 11-6. This may even be a generous record, given the fact that there are a few toss-ups that can go either way, but the same can be said for a handful of the games that I have San Francisco losing. The 49ers will fall to the Denver Broncos in week three because Russell Wilson is their kryptonite, as he showed on the Seattle Seahawks time and time again. The following week, they will also lose to the Los Angeles Rams because their somewhat rebuilt offensive line and second-year quarterback will still be getting their footing. After this, the 49ers will go on a pretty decent win streak until falling to the Chargers in November during a tight showdown of ‘who’s the better defense?’ Though the December 11 matchup against Tampa Bay is one of those games that can go either way, I do have Tom Brady pulling a victory on his first visit to Levi’s Stadium. In a classic rivalry game, which should be a close nail-biter, San Francisco will succumb to the Las Vegas Raiders on New Year’s Day, not only because of the environment, but it will be a do-or-die situation for the Raiders. In the last game of the season, the 49ers will sourly lose to the Arizona Cardinals, though the game will be more of a dignity match for Arizona because their playoff hopes will already be out of the picture.


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