Bengal’s Role Players You Can Expect to Make a Big Impact

We all love the guys winning us fantasy championships and making sportscenter every week, but you gotta look under the surface sometimes. Many good championship teams don’t always have a ton of superstar power, but instead a lot of above average players that work constantly. So here are my top three Cincy Bengals who are going to make a huge difference as role players and boost this squad to an even higher caliber. 

  1. Akeem Davis-Gaither LB

Akeem is a guy who the Bengals have huge hope for and think could make a huge leap in year three. He struggled last year with injuries but in nine games he recorded almost the same stats as a sixteen game rookie season. With an offseason to learn this defense and get settled into a pass coverage type of role, the speedy 24 year old should make a huge jump. He got more playing time on the field this year with star Logan Wilson and budding star Germaine Pratt, recording 19 solo tackles and 7 assists. 

  1. Joseph Assai DE 

Assai missed out on his rookie year, so there isn’t a ton to say about him. But, he was having a great preseason and he had a late first round grade for many teams. This guy is a pure pass rusher who will carve a very good role in the defensive line rotation. He could honestly cut into Hubbards snaps on pass rushing downs if Hubbard doesn’t improve in that area. 

  1. Chris Evans RB

Many people will disagree with me on this, but Chris Evans is a very speedy guy with great hands that could really elevate this offense on third down and long. Yes, they do like to use Samaje Perine on third down but I honestly expect Evans to get a lot more playing time this year. As a rookie he got some snaps, but not very many because of Mixon being a workhorse and Perine being a great blocker. Regardless of his low snap count, Evans still managed to score two touchdowns on two great catches. 

Cincy has many stars, but these guys are going to be the dudes that take them to a whole new level this year. The Bengals are one of the deepest teams in the league depth wise, and they have so many guys with potential that nobody highlights. There is just too much star power on the team, they’ve done so well in drafting guys they need and in the last three years they have started to spend money in free agency. Are we looking at the next dynasty?

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