The Yankees NEED to Cut Ties with Joey Gallo

I gave Joey Gallo his chance. I probably gave him more of a chance than most Yankees fans. Many Yankees fans were writing him off after his first stretch of bad play. I believed he was going to turn it around and defended him to other Yanks fans long after most other fans had given up. I still think Joey Gallo could produce on a team somewhere, but it’s just become too painful to watch him go up the plate and look lost day in and day out.

Joey Gallo has always been a streaky hitter, so when he started off the season rough, I wasn’t panicking, because I knew that hot streak was around the corner. The problem was that it just never came. He’s had a couple really short streaks that he looks solid during, but besides that, he’s struggling to hit the ball. He looks lost at the plate most of the time, swinging and missing at very hittable pitches. On a team where mostly everybody is performing at a very high level and the team is playing extremely well, Gallo’s struggles are amplified. However, what are the options?


The Yankees will almost certainly be shoppers at the trade deadline. Outfielders and pitching is the number one thing that they’re looking for. Gallo has lost a lot of trade value this year, but that doesn’t mean that he has none. He’s in a contract year, so the commitment from a team is relatively low. The Yankees could include him in a package to get a big time player, or could just trade him to a contender looking to take a chance on him for a low return. Either way, Gallo is out of sight and mind for the Yankees.


If the Yankees do trade for another outfielder, the odd man out will be Gallo. He’s their worst statistical outfielder by far and if they trade for a David Peralta or Anthony Santander, and Gallo isn’t part of the trade, then he would get forced out of the lineup. Having a lefty power hitter on the bench may provide a lot of value for the Yankees going down the stretch. Not to mention he’s also still a plus defender… at least in right field.

Designate for Assignment

It may just be unfortunately necessary for the Yankees to DFA Gallo. They are probably going to need to free up a roster spot for an incoming player or two, so DFA’ing him would do that. After that, the Yankees would have 10 days to figure out what to do with him, but if they DFA him, it will be because they couldn’t find a trade partner, so in all likelihood, they’d release him. 

With an opportunity to win the World Series for the Yankees this year, having a weak link in the lineup doesn’t make sense. This is why it’s important for the Yankees to realize that having Joey Gallo in the lineup every day is going to hurt their odds at winning. The trade deadline should include a move to get another outfielder, and finally end the Joey Gallo experiment.

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