Eight Possible Teams Kevin Durant could play for in 2022-23

So NBA fans! Here’s the scoop. Current star of the Brooklyn Nets, 33-year-old Kevin Durant maybe looking for a new place to call home. Durant loves the game and has been a larger-than-life star. He has always been a strong self-promoter of his own brand of basketball.

Should the Nets Pull the Trigger?

If you were to ask if the New Jersey Nets should trade Kevin Durant, the replies would most likely be “yes”. The question is, what’s in it for the Nets? If Brooklyn were to let the big star go, the Net’s could receive a bundle of first-round draft picks and young prospects. They would also shave off Durant’s huge contract and try to get back to being under the salary cap. Ask the New Orleans Pelicans about the assets they received by trading another self-promoting superstar in Anthony Davis.

There are eight teams in my view that would love to acquire Durant to try to win an NBA title in the up-coming season. Wouldn’t it be cool if Durant stayed in the Eastern Conference and won the title against his former team the Golden State Warriors? Would Draymond Green talk trash about him on his podcast? Or would he invite him on?

8 Potential Landing Spots (in no particular order)

1. OKC- Remember when KD was in his prime with the Thunder? Even from his rookie year in Seattle, this man proved every draft scout right. He was 6’8″ skinny, but could he shoot from 3 for his size. You could say he was a Chet Holmgren player before there was Chet Holmgren. And guess what, he would be teammates with Holmgren when he was drafted coincidentally number 2 overall by the Thunder.

The downside was losing to the Miami Heat and the big three led by Lebron James in The 2012 NBA Finals. His team also blew a 3-1 lead against Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors. Could he come back and finally Give OKC a championship?

2. Brooklyn Nets- Sure, Durant wants to stay with the Nets, and he should. Even though the team has struggled to win a championship, it’s not Durant’s fault at all. Now, for the other point of view, the Nets spent a lot of money back in 2019 to get Irving and Durant. They are in serious cap trouble and it might not hurt to trade him to another contending team that’s ready to win now.

3. New York Knicks- Of course I am going to have him going to “my” New York Knicks. In the summer of 2019, the New York Knicks had a chance to make a splash in free agency by going for Kyrie Irving and Durant. James Dolan, who is criticized as being a terrible owner smartly decided not to go for them. Because he did not want to create another Isiah Thomas situation.

The Knicks did not have that much currency and assets to be able to acquire the superstar. Fast forward to two years later and the Knicks rebuilt with a young team and a ton of cap space. Also, they can spend the money for Durant as they have four first round draft picks in 2023.

4. Philadelphia 76ers- Trust me, the 76ers are there folks. They are way past the tanking years in 2014, and now, the team is almost ready to win a championship. They did the smart thing by shipping Ben Simmons to the Brooklyn Nets to acquire James Harden. While they were eliminated in the playoffs by the Miami Heat, they need to add a sharp shooting veteran like Durant to help them move past the first-round and eventually get to their ultimate goal. That is to win the NBA Finals.

5. Phoenix Suns- Imagine pairing up Durant with Point Guard Chris Paul and watching a team like the Suns thrive with those two leading the way. The Suns were so close in 2021, and then were shocked by the Dallas Mavericks in 2022. KD and CP3 winning a title for the Suns, sounds great to thee.

6. Miami Heat- In 2010, a fella named James made national headlines by taking his talent to South Beach and joining the Miami Heat. Joining him there was Chris Bosh along with Dwayne Wade who already won a title with the Heat in 2006. Does Durant follow James’ footsteps and form a new big three with Miami? All I know is when the PA announcer gets on the mike and yells, “Dos Minutos”, Durant will hopefully turn on his clutch switch.

7. New Orleans Pelicans- A young team that turned some heads last year, minus Zion Williamson, who went on the Lenard Fournette Diet, and couldn’t play, Durant can come to the Big Easy and put on his Ragin, Cajun spirit. Before he puts on his pirate boots, Durant with have to put his tennis shoes on the court and bring the Pelicans a championship.

And for the nightlife, he can dance to the “Bootscootin Boogie, with a Cowboy hat on eating Jumbo Shrimp. They call him, “Cowboy KD”.

8. Los Angeles Clippers– Durant would love to be in LA, but with the right team in the large city in California. The Lakers were a hot mess with James, Russell Westbrook, and Carmelo Anthony. Adding Durant to the mix would surely make team chemistry even worse.

Can the Lakers be good? In time, but Durant wants instant gratification and to be in LA at the same time, I don’t think so. My advise, ignore the Lakers, and go to the Clippers.


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