Too-Early NFL Predictions

But really, is it ever too early to predict the Super Bowl? This week, the official NFL Twitter account asked fans to drop their predictions for the 2022 season.

The answers varied from numerous underdogs to other teams and players who were just shy of winning a championship or award last season. Let’s take a shot at answering a few of these questions that seem relatively simple, but are actually pretty complex and loaded. 

AFC Champion? Buffalo Bills

The AFC is stacked this year and getting out of a division is not going to be an easy task. The Bills seem to be one of the most elite teams this year and are prepared to run the East as they did with 11 wins last season. The Bills may even have a real shot at taking the number one seed in the process since four of the AFC teams that pose the biggest threat are in a singular division, the West. This can be good for the Bills because those divisional matches can go either way, resulting in each team taking unaffordable losses, rather than one clear-cut top dog. After falling to the Kansas City Chiefs two years in a row during the playoffs, Buffalo could finally take their revenge, especially considering Tyreek Hill, who put up 150 yards in the divisional round, has been traded, though it should be noted that Hill is now on AFC East rival, the Miami Dolphins. 

NFC Champion? Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This could very well be Tom Brady’s last season and if there is any quarterback in the NFL that could bring their team to a Super Bowl under immense pressure and a dwindling football clock, it’s him. Even with losing Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown, the Buccaneers have a legitimate chance of being NFC Champions. With the very recent signing of Julio Jones, the odds have only improved. The NFC is not as strong as the AFC this season and there are few teams that will actually be elite compared to the many of the AFC. It is not going to be a simple road, but hey, Tampa Bay was down 27-3 at one point against the Los Angeles Rams and came back to nearly punch their ticket to the NFC Championship game if it were not for a late fourth-quarter field goal. 

Super Bowl LVII Winner? Buffalo Bills

A game between two crazy-good quarterbacks could be a toss-up, really. Both Josh Allen and Tom Brady have the ability to turn an entire game around. Allen has come up short three years in a row during the playoffs, but surely every other playoff hopeful in the NFL can feel the Bills chipping away at that door. An even slightly-better defense and the Bills would have made it to the AFC Championship last season and who knows what could have happened after that. Over the offseason, they seemed to make some of those corrections if signing Von Miller is anything to judge by. It is only a matter of time before Buffalo brings home their first ring, and what better way to do it than in a passing-of-the-torch Super Bowl win over the GOAT, Tom Brady?

Most Valuable Player? Josh Allen

The MVP award is often tipped in favor of quarterbacks and 2022 could shape up to follow the same fate with several of them playing top-tier football. Russell Wilson, Joe Burrow, Tom Brady and Josh Allen are four quarterbacks that will most likely be in contention throughout the season. Josh Allen is probably the most fun to watch among these four as he poses a dual threat and his size works out in his favor. Last season, Allen threw for 4,407 yards. Although these numbers did not put him in the top five for passing, he had a different stat-line that gave him the edge over other great quarterbacks. Allen rushed for 763 yards with his highest being 109 yards in a single game. When looking at Devin Singletary, RB1 for the Bills, Allen fell just over 100 short of Singletary’s 870 yards. Jalen Hurts and Lamar Jackson were the only quarterbacks who had more rushing yards in 2021 and those numbers were not by much. Allen was already in the conversation for MVP last season and the odds will only become greater if he even minimally adds to his passing/rushing yards and extends Buffalo’s season.


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