Where could Juan Soto land if the Nationals decide to Trade him?

Say it ain’t Soto, Washington Nationals. The franchise can trade the recent home run derby champion to any team they want, but do they really need to? Juan Soto is still only 23-years-old, with 2 1/2 years left before becoming a free agent. The Nationals are signifying they want to move him out of town.

Personally, I would trade him as his career is being ruined by a struggling team not ready to contend right away. With the trade dead-line right around the corner, (Tuesday, August 2, 2022), we will just have to wait and see what the Nationals do.

Here are the ten teams, I believe that Soto should be traded to if the Nationals keep their intentions to do so, (in no particular order):

1. New York Yankees- If the Nationals and Yankees pull of this incredible move, that would give the Bombers another Aaron Judge like player. Soto can drive the ball out of the park with the best of them. Picture this Yankee fans: It’s the 2022 ALCS between the Yankees and the Houston Astros. Your lineup consists of Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and now Juan Soto. “Houston, you have a problem.”

2. New York Mets- If the Yankees and Nationals fail to close their deal, you have the next best team in New York with the Mets. Manager Buck Showalter has proven that if you give him a team with great all stars, he can get the job done. They already have Pete Alonso who won the home run derby 2-years-in-a-row before Soto won it this year. While you won’t have Judge and Stanton as your teammates, having Alonso to pair up with you could help the Mets win a title for New York City instead of the Yankees.

3. Los Angeles Dodgers- LA and Soto go together like a celebrity and LAX airport. He already won the 2022 home run derby at Dodger Stadium and he got to see JoJo Siwa hit an in-the-park home-run at the Celebrity All Star Game. All I know is LAX will be a madhouse and a party if Soto gets off the plane and enters through the gates. As for team matters, he will be playing with a stacked team that includes Cody Ballinger and Mookie Betts.

4. San Diego Padres– Wow baseball fans, there’s a lot of California Love here for Soto. Should LA not be meant to be, there’s a nice spot in beautiful Downtown San Diego at Petco Park. The Padres are sitting in second place in the NL West and need another home run threat to complement Manny Machado. They also want to catch the Dodgers and be the best team in California.

5. St. Louis Cardinals- The Gateway Arch could be the door that would open up to Soto and welcome his presence to St Louis. The Cardinals right now are in the process of trading some of their veterans for younger players and someone like Soto would be ideal for their playoff push. They already have Marcell Ozuna who was traded to the team as a one-year rental player. Pairing him up with Soto would bring you two young players on short term deals to help you this year.

6. Baltimore Orioles- Let’s have a special toast for the surprise team of the 2022 MLB Season everybody. The Baltimore Orioles have been a wreck the past few years and heading into this season. It was safe to say that they would continue to sink to the bottom barrel of the league. However, miracles do happen. The Orioles believed and worked hard during spring training and are .500 at this point of the season. One thing that would top this special occasion is if they go out and acquire Juan Soto. Everybody, here’s to the new and improved Baltimore Orioles.

7. Seattle Mariners- Not too long ago, the Mariners were on a 14-game winning streak. It then was snapped by no other than their division rival the Houston Astros. Soto would look neat in a Mariners jersey, and playing out West fits perfectly for the culture of the team.

8. Houston Astros- Speaking of that team in Texas, let’s talk about Soto winding up in Houston. First of all, the Astros need no introduction as they reached the World Series twice (2017 Champs) and (2019 Runners-up). Fun fact, Soto’s Nationals beat the Houston Astros in 2019, so how funny would it be if he’s traded from the team he won the World Series with to a team where he could win it this year?

9. Texas Rangers- Wait, did you guys think there was only one MLB team located in Texas. Well, guess what, there is two. The Rangers don’t play in Houston, they play in Arlington where Cowboys Stadium is located also. While Florida is a nice state for Soto to live, Texas is another great state to live as well. It might be getting overpopulated, but the housing market it great for someone as rich as Soto is. Plus, the Rangers need to make a late push for the postseason and Soto is a nice addition to a team needing more home-run power.

10. Miami Marlins– This is a team that is struggling to put people in their seats and they are lacking a superstar celebrity player they could market for games. Soto is that guy. He’s a powerful home run hitter, a great character guy, and a self-promoter. As the Backstreet Boys used to sing, “That makes you larger than life.”


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