Keep Brown in Boston

If you keep up with the NBA, you know that the Celtics allegedly offered Jaylen Brown, Derrick White, and a pick to the Nets for Kevin Durant. While there have been numerous offers from a variety of teams, this seems to be the most viable option for the Nets. However, as a follower of the Celtics, I highly disagree with it.

Here is why.

  1. Jaylen loses trust in the team.

Even though the Nets rejected the offer, Brown now is put in a position where he thinks the team views him as expendable. Coming off of a finals appearance in which he was arguably the best player on the team, I am sure he is feeling some type of way about the offer. I know that for a player of Durant’s stature a team will have to give up a crazy amount of assets, but the combination of Brown’s age, potential, and the fact that he just swept KD in the playoffs is a bit offputting. With two years left on his contract, Brown may now already consider his options and start to feel like he deserves the “number one” role on a team that will pay his new contract. 

  1. While KD is the better player, winning the Finals requires continuity. 

In JBs tenure with the Celtics to this point, he and Tatum have made the conference finals more than they have missed the playoffs. At 24 and 25 years old, respectively, they seem to be just getting started and entering their prime. Aging and past prime greats such as Durant will obviously be an addition, but would he even gel with Tatum? Would he demand out of Boston if they do not win right away? God forbid he gets injured again as well. After an A+ offseason filling the places of need with trading for Brogdon and acquiring Gallinari, Boston was completely set and prepared for another Finals run. Now, the trade offers just raise questions about trust, chemistry, and the organization’s plans for the future.


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