Top 5 Wisconsin videos of the week

5. Lambeau Field hosts a soccer game

It was wet and rainy, but last week Lambeau Field hosted their first soccer game last week, a matchup between two powerhouses Manchester City and Bayern Munich. The game involved a weather delay, but in the game Manchester City won the rain-soaked affair 1-0.

4. Hunter Renfroe is on a tear.

What more can you say about Hunter Renfroe other than he’s seeing the baseball well. Renfroe homered again yesterday as helped the Brewers defeated the Red Sox 9-4. Renfroe has mashed six home runs since the All-Star Break and has 18 home runs on the season.

3. Davante Adams calls a hall-of-famer

Hello old friend

I do understand why Davante said this; he has to gas up his new quarterback but you can’t compare a Ferrari to a Honda Civic.

Moving on.

2. Aaron Rodgers responds:

If you had Allen Lazard as a hall of fame candidate on your bingo card congratulations.


I’ll touch on this briefly:

Having police at stadiums is important because they want to make sure fans don’t get too wild and out of control. They are there to make sure fans have a positive experience at the venue so they will want to come back. Having said all of that, I don’t think the Green Bay police officer should have put his hands on AJ Dillon and shoved him over simply wanting to do a Lambeau Leap.

The GB Police Department is investigating the incident.


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