Holy S**t That’s TOUGH- UFC 277

I’m going into this completely honestly: I have never watched fight sports before in my life. They were never on in my house growing up and I never even knew what I was missing, but finally I got interested and my roommate decided to introduce me to UFC fighting. I ate it up. I really enjoyed watching the tactics that each of the fighters displayed on Saturday. The drama, the storylines, the respect, and just all of it, I really enjoyed this first experience.


It was brutal, it was a huge skill matchup, and at the end of the match I was left but nothing but the utmost respect for both fighters. Amanda Nunes put together an incredible and dominant performance, winning the fight handily in my opinion. The only round where I had any doubt was the first, which was pretty even, but still Nunes favored in my opinion.

Even though Nunes fought well and truly out-skilled her opponent, I was almost more impressed by the loser of this fight, Julianna Pena. Pena took a beating and was bleeding profusely for almost half the fight, getting pummeled for the final four rounds. Yet, despite the losing fight, Pena kept her head, she fought back, and nearly turned the fight in her favor on several occasions. While she lost decidedly, as someone who has never really watched fight sports before, I was thoroughly impressed by her resolve and will to stick in the fight. Julianna Pena is tough as hell.

This experience left me with just one thing on my mind: you better believe I’m going to keep watching.


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