THANK YOU NFL; The Joke That is The Deshaun Watson Saga Continues

Is anyone else getting more sick to their stomach every time another page turns on this chapter. We will get to the six-game suspension, but my stomach absolutely turns when I hear Sue L. Robinson added he can only have massages by Browns Employees. Did the evidence get lost that another NFL team in the Houston Texans settled themselves with Watsons accusers? The fact that she felt the need to add that in the ruling highlights the problem in itself. I am lost to how the ball has been dropped so bad, and yet our best idea is to put the cherry on top that this was a slap on the wrist was to put the Browns in charge of “Watsons Massage Situation”. This whole situation just feels like you’re disciplining a kid who can’t behave himself. Why didn’t she do the obvious and make the rule Deshaun isn’t allowed to have any massages by female in general including female Browns staff members. It just sounds horrible to even have to be in this situation. When one NFL team is already paying Watsons accusers for their role in this mess is it safe to say we shouldn’t feel comfortable putting another franchise in charge of this. Especially one who did not even take the time to interview the victims before dishing out the biggest all guaranteed deal in NFL history. I think as disgusting as it is, the Browns were always all in on Deshaun Watsons regardless of what it took to get him in the building.

Now to as far as the overall length of the suspension I mean I shouldn’t have to say more than Calvin Ridley. Do not get me wrong I completely understand there is set punishments for those who try to break the honor of the game, and this isn’t about if Calvin deserved his punishment or not. But when you have a one-year suspension for betting, and Deshaun has this horrendous mess he made. The NFL can’t let this be the precedent that betting is worth a greater than all the accusations. And as of August 3rd, Roger Goodell announced he will appeal the decision and look to add more games. The fans of the NFL world jumped at the bits to show how ridiculous the original ruling was many referring to Ridleys one year suspension. I think if it’s a year ban for betting then that has to be at least the starting block for Deshaun. I know I have not been shy on the matter of Watson’s needing hammered on this punishment so I wouldn’t be mad to see a suspension closer to MLB Trevor Bauer and give him a couple with how sick this whole thing has become. I am someone who does believe people deserve second chances when they make a mistake the only difference is this wasn’t a mistake to his victims. A mistake does not normally come with an NDA. This saga lives to fight another day but it’s safe to say the NFL commissioner continues to gain the respect of his leagues fan base and continues to push for its woman fan base. Thank you, Roger, for fighting to keep this leagues integrity intact. Proud to be an NFL fan and continue to keep this tradition of enjoying the game for generations to come.

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