Luke’s Look at All Things L.A.- Week of: 7/31/22-8/6/22

I’m taking a different approach this week, especially since the offseason for the NFL and NBA has been so dead lately. From now on, “Luke’s Look at All Things L.A.” will only cover sports that are in session, for the foreseeable future. I’m also going to try to make my sections on teams more succinct and precise, given that I think the average person doesn’t want a play-by-play of the week so much as an analysis of what those events mean.

I will also be diving into the world of UFC fighting, seeing how it goes to do pieces surrounding big upcoming fights and recapping recent events. You can see the beginning of that endeavor here.


Here we go into the new week of baseball, full of homers, K’s, and trade deadlines. Oh my!

Ok, sorry, that was a stupid bit, but the trade deadline was definitely a big deal for the Angels this week. Out of L.A. went Raisel Iglesias, Brandon Marsh, and Noah Syndergaard, off to new homes with the Phillies and Braves. In their stead came a bunch of players, mainly up and coming league prospects. Names include Logan O’Hoppe, Jadiel Sanchez, Mickey Moniak, Tucker Davidson, and Jesse Chavez. It is always hard to tell how these things will work out, but on a sheer numbers value, the Angels picked up five players in exchange for three, so they have the potential to have the better end of the deal here, but only time will tell.

I can’t say I’m really impressed with the Angels this week. Yes, they did keep most of their games fairly close as they went 2-4, but at the end of the day, I haven’t seen them close out enough wins. Thursday’s loss versus the A’s was the straw that broke the camel’s back and my heart, with the halos doing the unseen feat of a SEVEN home run game, yet still losing. Despite the great batting performance, it ultimately didn’t matter as pitching gave up eight runs and all that hard work ended up being for naught.

I’m not entirely sure what to do about this team anymore. Both batting and pitching feel so hit or miss on any given night and at the end of the day, all I can think of is how this team has so much potential, yet just never seems to catch a break. Maybe they need to do some soul searching because I am lost on how they can get over the last hurdle of this frustrating stretch. This team went 6-18 in July and that really can not be allowed to slide. The Angels are on the fast track to losing Shohei Ohtani unless they can turn something around or pay up.


The trade deadline was pretty important for the Dodgers in their own way, in the fact that they were largely caught lacking. There was some minor trading and dealing, but the story isn’t the potential talent and the hope of turning around Joey Gallo’s season, the story has to be how the Dodgers missed out on Juan Soto, and the fact that Soto ended up going to division rivals, the San Diego Padres. I’m not saying the Dodgers should have sold out for Soto. The Padres certainly paid the price for acquiring the slugger, and out-bidding what they paid likely wouldn’t have been worthwhile for the Dodgers, but it does hurt. The hope was there, then it wasn’t, then the sinking feeling hit when Soto ended up getting traded to San Diego. The Dodgers still have the division this season, I’m not sweating that much, but in the near future, that isn’t going to be a pairing to turn your back on.

In other important news this week, I’d like to pay my respects to the late great Vin Scully, who was a memorable sports commentator, especially for Dodgers baseball. Many of us will remember this man and the games he called throughout our lives and so I would like to thank him in his passing for what he contributed to so many of our childhoods and sports memories.

The month of July was covered in Dodger blue as L.A. rallied to a dominant 21-5, an 80.7% win rate that this squad can be very proud of. Keep watching, this is the best team in not just the NL West, and I’m not willing to stop at just the NL, this is the team that is going to win the World Series. The Dodgers have been getting hot and not looking back and, quite frankly, I’m sold. This week of solid performances and a seven game winning streak against division rivals did nothing but solidify that in my mind.

The only concern I have for the Dodgers is the health of Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw is struggling with some back issues, which makes me nervous since the Angels’ Mike Trout has also been battling a back problem that has kept him out of play for the better part of last month. Let’s hope Kershaw’s ailment is not quite so serious.


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