Aaron Rodgers says psychedelic drug led to best season of his life.

Last week, Aaron Rodgers was on the Aubrey Marcus podcast where he admitted to traveling to Peru and taking a psychedelic drug Ayahuasca.

Rodgers on his use of Ayahuasca.

“My intention the first night going in was I want to feel what pure love feels like that was my intention and I did,” Rodgers said.

“I really feel like that set me on the course to be able to go back into my job and have a different perspective on things and be way more free at work, as a leader as a teammate, as a friend as a lover. And I really feel like that experience paved the way for me to have the best season of my career.” Rodgers said.

Rodgers said he used the drug on a trip to Peru in 2020.

Rodgers shouldn’t have said this at all. The number one reason is that Ayahuasca is on the list of NFL banned substances and he could face potential discipline from the league and trust me Green Bay cannot afford to lose Rodgers in any capacity.

Second, how does Aaron Rodgers benefit from making these statements? Couldn’t he have said something like I was locked in on football for the 2020 season and something clicked where I started to appreciate the game once again.

Third if he’s so committed to being a better teammate, friend and lover than why did he take the entire Packers organization for hostage last offseason, and told several people in the organization that he wouldn’t return and even contemplated retirement.

Aaron Rodgers is a supremely talented quarterback but over the past couple of years, he’s making headlines for what he says versus what he does on the field, sound familiar? That sounds like Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets talented players, were distractions to their organizations at one point or another but now are recommitted to their organizations and playing their respective sports once again.

Now if Rodgers could have taken this drug before any of their NFC Championship Game appearances they might have gotten to two maybe three Super Bowl appearances. Heck Russell Wilson famously said he recovered from a hit against the Packers in 2015 with Reliant Recovery Water so maybe if Rodgers would have discovered Ayahuasca in the summer of 2014, Green Bay would be playing New England in Super Bowl 49.

In all seriousness, trying to decipher what Aaron Rodgers is thinking is an impossible task that I don’t think the smartest people could read what’s on his mind.

Another fun Packers offseason is almost in the books, and hopefully Rodgers can deliver a second title to Titletown.

32 days left!


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