Could this be the time?

Every Detroit Piston fan has gotten riled up lately. Why? Well Draymond Green, of I have more NBA championships than you fame, recently stated that he would love to play in Detroit. Hooray, Draymond said to some random dude that he would be fine playing here. Why is this a big deal?

First off, I’d love to add him to the team. He is a small ball five or a traditional four man. He might be the best overall defender in the league. The Golden State Warriors drop almost eight points in defensive rating when he is off the court, which speaks to his defensive impact on a team. He is a great passer for a big man and hits just enough outside shots to make you think it is part of his game, remember that season where he almost hit 39% from deep. He is a winner at all levels of basketball, and best yet, he grew up in the heart of Michigan- gotta love seeing people come home.

Still, let’s put things into perspective. Troy Weaver hasn’t been willing to dish out big bucks for free agents, and Draymond will demand big bucks. He doesn’t fit a rebuild model due to his age, and Troy Weaver showed little interest in going after Miles Bridges (pre allegations of domestic abuse), another Michigander who wanted to come home. The possibility of this working out is similar to my chances of getting a date in high school.

Beyond the obvious facts that it’s not happening, we have to remember-this isn’t the first time Draymond played us this way. Draymond stated that he wanted to come home earlier in his career, and the Warriors dished out a huge contract to him. Now, Draymond is realizing that the Warriors could have to foot a $500 million payroll, and goes back to the well with what worked before. Seriously, who wants to leave San Fran weather? Let’s be honest, the average high in Detroit is over ten degrees colder than the average low in San Fran, and Michigan is infamous for having grey skies in the winter. Who wants to leave a team where he has won more championships than the Pistons have in their history? No, Draymond is using this as leverage to get paid, pure and simple. Shame on you Draymond for doing your state like this. Dirty is the only way to describe it.


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