Who would you pick first?

When I was growing up, America’s past time was still baseball. Today, it sure isn’t baseball; America’s past time is now either football or fantasy football, though perhaps they go hand in hand. Us Americans get a little too into our football and do things that we would never think of in any other circumstance. Several years ago, I was having dinner with my cousin, who is one of the hosts on Fantasy Football Focus podcast and has been on TV for ESPN; when the waiter realized who my cousin was, the waiter basically sat down with us and wanted to pick my cousins brain about an upcoming draft. I don’t know about you, but my mama taught me better than sitting with strangers.

Still, the upcoming fantasy football craze got me thinking about UConn and what would happen if a bunch of crazed Husky fans did a fantasy draft of UConn greats. I tried to get one of the biggest UConn fans I know to do a draft with me, but he punked out on me. Still, it got me thinking. Who would I take with the first overall pick? There are a ton of options, and I am curious to get everyone’s take. I have placed a brief snapshot of a couple of the most likely candidates for the first pick and a poll below. (Please pick based on their UConn career and not their pro career).

Paige Bueckers: Paige is an interesting option as she is considered UConn’s fourth generational player. Despite injuries, her freshman year was a thing of legend. Her stat line was a crazy 20 ppg, 5 rebounds, 6 assists, and 46% three point shooting. Her play against NC State only underscores the fact that the kid can carry a team. It is still early to see what her career becomes, but she is a class act and a kid that everyone loves to watch.

Maya Moore: Everyone remembers Maya for being the all time leading scorer in UConn history, but this understates all of her stats. Maya is the second leading rebounder, fourth in both 3 pointers and steals, and ninth in blocks and assists. She basically put up video game numbers every time out and led the team to two national championships while winning every award under the sun. No UConn player has ever stuffed the stats like Maya, during a career where she only lost four games. In 2017, Sports Illustrated named her the greatest winner in women’s basketball history.

Breanna Stewart: Geno’s third generational player is the proud owner of four national championships and four MOP awards in the finals. Stewie left the Huskies as the second leading scorer, all time leader in blocks, and fifth in rebounds. Stewie also happens to be one of the best outside shooting posts in UConn history, at 35.5% from three. She made history by being the first player to record 400 assists and 400 blocks in a college career. Stewie is probably the closes thing that UConn has had to a unicorn.

Diana Taurasi: According to many sources, this was Geno’s first generational player (though we could debate that some), and to quote Geno, “We have Diana, and you don’t”. DT sits at ninth for most points scored, is second in assists, and third most three pointers. Diana is most remembered for her killer instinct and indomitable spirit. She led the Huskies to three consecutive national championships and every award under the sun. She was so influential in Connecticut that she was nominated to be the state heroine, and Kobe Bryant gave her the nickname “White Mamba”.

Obviously, we have left out a lot of great players: Sue Bird, Swin Cash, Tina Charles, Rebecca Lobo, Nykeesah Sales, Moriah Jefferson, and a hundred others. UConn has been blessed with a ton of amazing players, but your task is to decide which you would take first.


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