Luke’s Look at All Things L.A.- Week of: 8/14/22-8/20/22


It’s not been a pretty week, but it often isn’t with this team. This is not going to be a winning season and we have known that for a while now, so let’s bring ourselves to look at the positives:

  1. We got two wins this week.
  2. We won back-to-back series’ for the first time since May 15th.
  3. We scored in every game this week, win or lose.
  4. Mike Trout is back on the field.

With a record of 2-4 this week, the Angels are going to wish they had done better, but realistically, it is time to start planning for what comes next. Let’s look to next season and create the building blocks for a team that can run over the league in the near future.

Player of the Week: Luis Rengifo

A couple batters impressed me this week, but Rengifo was definitely one of the most consistent. He batted .292 with 7 RBIs and 3 runs. I have to love what I’ve been seeing this week out of the infielder and I would like to see his consistency continue.


Ok, ok…. I got a little too excited last week with the mercy rule comment and overstepped in my hyping for the week. There is still a lot of season left to be had. That being said, you can’t fault me for being excited, that was a hell of a winning streak.

This week we came back down to Earth and realized that there are some limitations, even for the best team in the MLB in 2022. Sunday was a great example of that. In game three versus the Royals, in a series that the Dodgers had absolutely dominated and brutalized their opponents, the other shoe finally dropped and Kansas City took a well-earned 4-0 victory. The often explosive bats of the boys in blue were limited to only two hits all game, when they had, just the previous night, put up a whopping 13 runs.

Don’t take that as me losing faith though, it is just a note to take that the team is not perfect. There will be rough series, there will be disappointing games, and there will be instances where we know this team could do better. That is all fine as long as each loss is a learning experience. This is still the midseason, Los Angeles has some time to perfect their form before October.

With a record of 4-3 this week the Dodgers, despite the hiccups, are still maintaining their streak of above .500 weeks, a run that has been going since June 11. I’m not taking it back, we’re winning it all this season.

Player of the Week: Tony Gonsolin

For the first time in a while I have struggled to find a worthy candidate of the title this week. All batters have been pretty hit or miss this week and consistency was something this week saw none of. That is why I am going to give the title to pitcher Tony Gonsolin for his performance on Wednesday in which he pitched seven innings, allowing only two hits and no runs while striking out eight and only walking one. That was a hell of a game from the All-Star and without his good showing, I don’t believe we would be over .500 this week.


I said it last week too, but the pre-season doesn’t impress me very much. That being said, I’m going to keep my takeaways short for both of our L.A. NFL teams.

Starters are still not playing yet in this game, which is to be expected since the bottom part of the rosters are still needing to earn their spots on the exclusive list of 53 players.

That being said, there was one really glaring error today, which was special teams. With two returned kicks for touchdowns against the squad, you better believe some people are getting cut and may the football gods be merciful on all of the others. KaVontae Turpin made fools of the Chargers today and that has to be remedied before the regular season.

Player of the Week: Michael Bandy

Bandy and Joshua Palmer both had good nights receiving. Palmer had more yards, but I’m giving the spotlight to Bandy for his consistency on the field, catching eight of his nine targets whereas Palmer caught three of four. Both played excellently, but I’m awarding Bandy for his reliability, something that can’t be taken for granted.


With yet another unimpressive performance out of the Rams’ backfield, Los Angeles should be concerned for the balance of their offense as the regular season rapidly approaches. All eyes on the running backs next week, this starting job is so comically wide open the backup quarterbacks could probably earn the role.

Defense played well this week and special teams had their moments. I would pick up the Rams defense for your fantasy team if you haven’t drafted yet as a mid-late round snag.

Player of the Week: Lance McCutcheon

If I had done the player of the week last week it would have been McCutcheon, and this week it has to be him again. He has earned a starting spot or at least a central role on this team and he will serve as an excellent compliment to Cooper Kupp on what will be a pass-heavy team. Watch out for this player, mark my words.


I won’t spend too much time on this because the NBA is not in season right now, but LeBron James just signed a contract extension, per reports. From what I understand, he is holding out to be able to play with his son when Bronny makes it to the league, but as far as the Lakers as a team is concerned, I think this is a mistake for several reasons that I have already discussed here, here, and here.


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