My Fantasy Draft: Boom or Bust?

I said I wasn’t going to spoil my pocket picks for myself back in my article about how to win your fantasy football draft, but now that my league has drafted I am ready to spill my guts.

I killed it in the quarterbacks department. Both QBs I snagged in the mid-late rounds and both have an entire arsenal of weapons to throw to. Justin Herbert is one of the hottest young quarterbacks in the game right now and will have the perfect chance to feast this season with a fantastic offense that he is familiar with and a defense that compliments them well. Meanwhile Tom Brady is the definition of a tried-and-true player that I was surprised fell so low in my draft. It was between Brady and Matthew Stafford for me, but at the end of the day, there is one man in sports I don’t bet against as a Patriots fan. On the Buccaneers Brady has so many targets to get the ball to it’s insane. Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Julio Jones, Cameron Brate…. Yeah, I don’t think I’ll pass on the greatest quarterback of all time after he just put up his personal best season in passing yardage across 22 seasons and now has arguably the best receiving corps he’s had in his career. That would be stupid. Grade: A+

I was really hoping to snag Derrick Henry or Jonathan Taylor in the first round, but I was the sixth pick in my league’s eight man league and they disappeared very early on. So, for running backs I took a couple gambles with players that have had really high highs in the past, but have struggled with injury lately. I picked up Saquon Barkley, James Connor, David Montgomery, and Josh Jacobs. All of these backs should be starters and they should all provide me with a variety of beneficial matchups week to week. None of these backs have conflicting bye weeks and for at least two of them I think I should have the added benefit of them being the primary carries on their respective offenses. Grade: A

I took one wide receiver pretty early on in Stefon Diggs, which I think will play out to my benefit as he is the favorite target of Josh Allen. As for the rest of my receivers I held out until later rounds because I wasn’t all to impressed with the remaining options. I ended up snagging Amari Cooper, who is a great player, but fell to a late round pick undoubtedly because of the lack of a star quarterback in Cleveland. I also acquired D.K. Metcalf, who I earlier this season put on my list of most overrated players in the league today (you can see that here). I think Metcalf has an opportunity to not only prove me wrong in my analysis from back in June, but prove himself in an offense that is lacking an experienced quarterback like they previously had in Russell Wilson. Grade: B

At tight end I don’t think I did too poorly. I would have liked to have gotten Kyle Pitts, but he was snagged just before I was going to select him. I ended up drafting Dalton Schultz and Hunter Henry. Henry is currently listed as questionable for an undisclosed injury, but I can’t tell if it is cause for legitimate concern or just Bill Belichick toying with the league per usual. Dalton Schultz was a menace last season with 78 catches, 808 yards, and 8 touchdowns for the Cowboys. I expect more of the same from him this year. Grade: A

My selections at kicker are beyond reproach and I don’t think I need to spend too much time defending these picks. Justin Tucker is the best kicker in the game as it stands today. Randy Bullock is seasoned veteran in a poor division, on a team with a one-dimensional offense. I won the draft at this position. Grade: A+

Finally, on defense I took two terrifying squads in the Chargers and the Cowboys. I’ve been hyping up the Chargers defense in my “Luke’s Look at All Things L.A.” articles for a while now. They are in a difficult division to perform well in, but I think they are more than capable of doing so. As for the Cowboys, they have a pretty fair defense in a division I am not shy to say that I am unimpressed by. I picked them up after the performance by KaVontae Turpin on Saturday, a trend on special teams I hope will continue in the near future. Perhaps Turpin could be the next Devin Hester. Grade: A

Overall, I’m going to give my draft an A-, only dropping that far because my key players at wide receiver and running back could be very hit or miss. That being said, I would love to hear how you would rate my team or comment what your fantasy team looks like and I will give you a grade in response. Good luck this season!


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