What’s the Forecast in OKC: The first five games

The NBA schedule is officially out, and OKC Thunder fans can buy tickets to see their first impressions of Chet Holmgren. However, the Athletic reported he suffered torn ligament at the Jamal Crawford Crawsover Pro-Am game. Holmgren was defending LeBron James in the game when he landed awkwardly on his right foot and exited. His status for the regular season is unknown, but these predictions are in hopes he can recover and see the court.

The first ten games are against the following teams: Minnesota Timberwolves, Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Clippers, Dallas Mavericks, Orlando Magic, Milwaukee Bucks, and Detroit Pistons.
OKC has an uphill battle to begin the year, but one that irons the wrinkles this Thunder team has as rookies break in their jerseys.
They won’t waste time figuring out who gains division supremacy, as they take on the Timberwolves and Nuggets on the road in their first two games.
The first game will give the youngsters a taste of the NBA environment. The pace, the opposing fans, and facing another squad filled with promise.
Game 1: Minnesota Timberwolves (Away)
Oklahoma City may kick off the year with two losses, although the first game could be a win. Last year, OKC was 2-1 against their opponent. All three games were within nine points. The competition will be fierce, but the result of their matchups will be different. The Timberwolves have the best shooting big in KAT and defensive big in Rudy. That experiment will be under the microscope for the first time, giving the Thunder some room for excellent transition offense with their speed. However, the depth and experience of MN will be the deciding factor in who wins this game. Therefore, the Thunder will lose on the road. Not without developing a sense of chemistry.
Game 2: Denver Nuggets (Away)
The Denver Nuggets are another beast. Nikola Jokic will bully Chet in the paint, while Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. will heat up from deep. Unlike the Timberwolves, who will be working out the kinks of a new lineup, the Nuggets are an established team, while the Thunder will have to find a way to keep up. The Nuggets swept them last year, and that won’t stop here.
Game 3: Minnesota Timberwolves (Home)
OKC has a three-game homestretch, and their first home game of the year is a rematch with the Minnesota Timberwolves. This is a tough matchup to predict because the two teams will adjust their game plan and likely come out stronger than in their first meeting. The Thunder can steal one in front of their home crowd and earn their first win of the season.
Games 4 and 5: Clippers (Home)
The Los Angeles Clippers are poised to finish in the top three of the Western Conference. Their roster includes Kawhi Leonard, one of the best two-way players in the league. Paul George is an elite player who makes silky smooth shots from beyond the arc. Among others are Rodney Hood, Reggie Jackson, Robert Covington, and Ivica Zubac. LAC was 2-1 against the Thunder last year, but LAC signing John Wall doesn’t help OKC. There is a chance they split meetings if the Thunder can play lockdown perimeter defense, it’d be difficult with the amount of talent LAC has.
2-3 record through five games
The OKC Thunder now understand what their division will be this year, and no matter the result can go back to the drawing board and adjust. A mix of home and away games will get the rookies prepared for the travel demands the NBA brings. These five games don’t determine the placement of a team. Their next five games include more divisional opponents and Eastern Conference foes.

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