Are the Bengals really going to gamble with Cordell Volson and Jackson Carmen being the answer at Left Guard?

It is with no doubt Jackson Carmen has had one of the roughest training camps for a guy with a starting position “for his to lose” going in. A rough first preseason game followed by an injury on top of a positive Covid test has more then opened the door for 4th round rookie Cordell Volson. The rookie played well against the back end of Arizona’s roster late in preseason game one and started and played every down for the second game. With that being said PFF crushed his first start especially in the pass game. Even though the Bengals fan seem to be very pleased with his performance as far as where he is as a rookie and how bad the depth looked when called upon last year. Going into the last preseason game before the final cut downs before the season all eyes are going to be on left guard. Cordell without a doubt shows he has what it takes to develop into a starting caliber player with good work ethic and is already flashes in the run game. Let’s be honest if Joe Burrow really wants to play without a knee brace is this something the Bengals can risk relying on a rookie 4th rounder.

After Carmen Jacksons start for preseason game one Quinton Spain posted a picture of downtown Cincinnati, hinting to the fact he was in town and ready to talk. This seems like a no brainer for a team that sports analysis say are in their Super Bowl Window. Spain is a player who the Bengals should be able to get him on a team friendly deal with him still available at this point in the preseason. Let’s not forget that the left side of this offensive line was without a doubt the strongest part, with much to do with Jonah Williams staying healthy. Bengals fan really are hoping they bring in some insurance rather that be Spain, free-agency or a trade around the cut down deadline. With literally seconds needed to get the ball off to a wide open Jamarr Chase, I cant see the Bengals saying we fixed the proplem with the current situation at left guard. They did help the right side tremendously but leaving a gamble for someone to develop into the role rather than earn the role doesnt sound like the best option to keep Joe Burrow up. I think it would be a different story if Quinton Spain would be a player who would demand a huge salary. All I know is this Bengals goes as far as Joe goes and he demonstrated that last year, risking it rather then admitting you missed on a draft pick and a guy is not worth seeing Joe pick himself up off the turf.

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