Luke’s Look at All Things L.A.- Week of: 8/21/22-8/27/22


I’ve tried to focus on the good and on the bad of the Angels in weeks past, seeing what difference a shift in narrative can make on a week. However, when almost all is bad, almost all of the time, I think we are entitled to one other focus when it comes to this team: the ugly/dirty/dramatic.

This week has been nothing but drama from the Angels. Loss after loss after loss they go, for six whole games in a row. It’s not been pretty, but you know about that already, we don’t need to pour salt on any wounds today. At least they pulled it back a bit at the end of the week with back-to-back wins over Toronto.

Then of course there is the whole situation of the franchise potentially being sold off by Arte Moreno and what that massive change in leadership would entail for this team, its players, and literally everyone involved actively with the team. Far better articles than mine can explain the complexities of such a situation, if it were to happen, but if it does, we may be looking at a massive rebuilding of this team from the ground up and a long dry period of figuring out a new identity for the franchise going into future seasons.

I’m tired. Make it stop.

Player of the Week: Mike Trout

Coming off of the back injury, Trout is looking to have found his rhythm and recovered well, scoring 5 RBIs, 3 runs, and hitting 3 homers this week. It has only translated to two wins this week, but it is a pleasure to see Trout back on the field for the Halos.


Not bad at all, I would say that after a quick pit stop last week, this team has, for the most part, regrouped and pulled themselves together in a powerful way.

FOUR games this week, that is right, four games that this team scored 10+ runs in a single game. That is impressive and for everyone else in the league looking at that, they have to be nervous. The Dodgers are the team to beat if you want to win it all in 2022. When this team is this hot like they have been this week, outscoring their opponents 43-22, I’d be a bit nervous myself.

Player of the Week: Mookie Betts

There have been a lot of stellar performances this week, which makes my decision very difficult. Betts has been very consistent though and extremely active in the scoring this week. He has been a big part of why the Dodgers’ week ended as a successful 4-2, contributing 6 RBIs and 10 runs in a week when scoring was prevalent for the boys in blue. Let’s not forget that he also had some big slugging showings in the last two games, hitting 3 home runs.


The Chargers this week had a very lackluster performance, not putting out their starters or really giving much effort at all. I can’t blame them, it is the final week of the pre-season and neither I or them, apparently, can be bothered to care.

I feel like I should say more, but if they aren’t going to put in the effort, why should I?

Player of the Week: Chase Daniel

10/11 on passing for 113 yards is pretty good and literally the only notable stat line in the game today. Good for him.


The pre-season is boring. Shut up, you know I’m right. You know what is NOT boring? A fight.

Bengals and Rams, it goes back to earlier this year when Los Angeles won the Super Bowl, yet it seems that much of the bad blood has yet to leave these players’ systems despite the time gap.

The star of the fight, of course, is none other than Aaron Donald, which gives me the perfect segway to say something I have been meaning to for a very long time now: Aaron Donald needs to grow the f**k up. He is a star player with great potential, great accomplishments, and a great big fragile ego that breaks multiple times per season.

I don’t often get too harsh with my criticisms of players who fight. It is a game of passion and if you love it and build your life around it, you are bound to get heated sometimes. We also don’t always have the access to hear what is said, only what can be seen on the football field, which is another reason I am careful with how hastily I critique a player when it comes to exhibiting passion in fighting.

Aaron Donald, however, is a huge man. At 6’1″, 280 lbs, the man more than doubles my weight and it is all muscle. That kind of power is a huge responsibility. Yet, we have seen him when he gets frustrated, going after people’s throats and this time hitting people over the head with helmets. That is not just passionate fighting, that is malicious and intentionally trying to harm someone else. He is popular and earns the NFL a lot of money though so don’t expect him to get more than a slap on the wrist, if that, any time he messes up.

What kind of world do we live in where a guy can bet on himself and get suspended for a year (Calvin Ridley), but a man who sexually assaults women gets only 6 games (Deshaun Watson), and yet another man, who has repeatedly attacked other people with clear intent to, at very least, injure them seriously, live on TV and in front of thousands of witnesses, goes unpunished (Aaron Donald).

At this point Aaron Donald is the child Roger Goodell spoiled and now can’t control when he tantrums and it is pitiful.

Player of the Week: Trey Ragas

It is about time one of these running backs took the initiative and separated themselves from the rest. Ragas didn’t make his claim fully convincing as he did fumble on the day, but at least he had a couple good-looking runs worked in the mix. It is the small wins that make the difference.


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