Aaron Rodgers talks about immunized saga from last year.

Aaron Rodgers was on the Joe Rogan podcast Saturday in which he gave his side of why he told the media he was immunized against COVID-19 last season:

Here were some highlights from the podcast:

– Rodgers is allergic to a ingredient in the mRNA vaccine called Polyethylene glycol (PEG)

– Rodgers couldn’t get the Johnson and Johnson vaccine because it had gotten pulled at the time for blood clots

-Rodgers said to keep himself immunized, he went through a process of taking a diluted strand of the virus orally.

– Rodgers said he was fined by the NFL because he went to a Halloween party with 18 other people who were vaccinated. (Rodgers due to his unvaccinated status could not be at the party because there were more than 15 individuals at the party.

– Rodgers said he tested positive from a vaccinated teammate

-The Packers according to Rodgers knew of his unvaccinated status when he came to training camp in July, 2021.

-He gave the NFL 500 pages of research from a number of people who put together case reviewed studies in homeopathy and the safety and efficacy of immunizations.

– The league denied the waiver because he was told “It’s not possible for a vaccinated person to contract/transmit COVID if they’ve been vaccinated.”

-Rodgers told the league that information was inaccurate; Rodgers said that five players who were vaccinated were out with COVID.

– Rodgers after this claim, was called a “conspiracy theorist.”

-According to Rodgers: People around the league went on what Rodgers called “a witch hunt,” by asking everyone including big-name quarterbacks if they were vaccinated.

-Rodgers said he gave some thought to the question about his vaccination status and he decided he would say he was “immunized.”

-Rodgers said he would have talked about his process if there was a follow up question to him claiming to be immunized.

-The beat reporters did not follow-up with Rodgers’ immunization claim.

The only thing I will add to this is it is laugh out loud funny that the person looking at his waiver called him a “conspiracy theorist.” I could imagine the league office being like: “Who’s on the phone?” “It’s Rodgers sir.” *deep sigh.* “Not again.” *pinches glasses with deep exasperation.*

*Aaron Rodgers on the phone*: “Sir you know you can get COVID even if you’re vaccinated.”

League office official: That’s preposterous Rodgers and you know it.

Rodgers: No it’s not I promise you five guys who have been vaccinated tested positive for COVID.”

League office official: “Mr. Rodgers I didn’t want to have to say this.”

Rodgers: “Cmon sir out with it.”

League Office Official: You’re a con….


*Rodgers slams down the phone*

*Rodgers seems like the type of guy to finish other people’s sentences.”

BTW this is 100 percent how this conversation went down; there is also this bonus clip.

This is why Rodgers is the greatest: Playing an NFL game under the influence of Percocet and feeling comfortable doing so is mind-blowing.

Here’s a link to the segment talking about immunizations:


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